3 Must Watch African Web Series

This Is It Web Series

There’s an unspoken (and sometimes spoken/Tweeted) assumption that there’s a dearth of GREAT African created and based web series, therefore nothing bring me greater joy after intensively searching the whole wide web I discover and indulge in such great content.  An even greater feeling is then sharing these discovering with you the world! So here I my first 3 gems of my 2017 search! I will be bringing more as my search continues!

1. This Is It

A web series created by Lowla Dee which follows a newly-wed couple Dede and Tee through adjusting to being married in their first year with all the challenges this brings. This show is both entertaining and highly addictive, as I have to confess that I watched all episodes in one go – and was not at all disappointed! If you do recognise the lead guy it’s because that’s Kenyan Nick Mutuma and you watched him on MTV Shuga. Great job and kudos to LowlaDee for such a great series, no pressure but am eagerly waiting on Season 2!!

2.Our Best Friend’s Wedding

The premise not entirely new – a guy with a mother whose wishes are for him to marry before she passes on, his two best female friends trying to help him find a wife…comedy ensues!

3. Here & Now

This is more of a reality TV travel based series, following four friends travel around Africa!

Both Our Best Friend’s Wedding and Here&Now are shows available on REDTV. REDTV, is a dynamic online lifestyle channel that puts the spotlight on Africa with a distinct global appeal has been launched. REDTV, features the very best of entertainment, news, design, travel, fashion, music, sports, comedy and much more.


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