7 Black Women BookTubers To Know

So sometime in late 2017 I fell into the deep, dark, mystery black hole of a corner of YouTube, a world I had never known existed but my soul belonged to it. A world that catered to my love for literature and boy did I binge, clicking ‘Subscribe’ as I explored this haven. To think I had been a avid watcher of all things YouTube and yet here I was playing late discoverer. Discovering BookTube has been the best thing ever for a self proclaimed lover of literature like myself. I had always wanted to be a part of the YouTube community but had never found my niche and now I have! Once you have a community, you seek out those who look like you and in as much as compared to other corners of YouTube, the BookTube community is but a tiny drop, I am loving continuously discovering black women BookTubers and here I share some of my top faves whom you should also subscribe to:

1.Left on Read

I absolutely love Jourdan! Her voice is so soothing, how she smiles when truly loves a book..thanks to her I ran out to buy James Baldwin’s ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’. I also like that we tend to enjoy the same books, as she also predominantly reads books by black women authors. Together with her husband they have  a podcast under the same name ‘Left on Read’. Her review on Michelle Obama’s Becoming is a must watch!


2. Victoria Wood

I literally discovered Victoria’s channel yesterday and I am officially hooked! She’s a Brit living in the US, with a great engaging Bookstagram account @girlwithnoselfie .

3. Rachel Rae

There’s something calming about Rachel’s voice and how she does her reviews! I always feel like we are members of the same book club and I will watch and be commenting out loudly along whilst I watch.

4. YoungGiftedAndBlack



I love love her channel and she’s shown me so much support by coming by to comment on my channel, showing me what a welcoming community black booktube is! She reviews books by black women authors and through her channel I have discovered a plethora more.

5. Set Her Up To Win BookClub


I love it when I see African based content creators. Their discussion of Arese Ugwu’s Smart Money Woman and how its impacted them and their financial choices.

6. Coles Book Corner


I recently discovered Nicole’s channel, I love her book review as well as discussions of the BookTube community that she brings to the forefront.

7. Stephs Romance Book Talk

I was one of those who would boldly say ‘I don’t read romance, I read Mills&Boon at 13, thats all the romance I need’, however Steph has got me reading more romance books and changing my perception on how I view romance literature. Steph also openly discusses the issues of the BookTube community especially as grown black woman content creator.


Editor’s Note: Please be sure you have already subscribed to my channel too as new content and consistency is coming!


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