7 African YouTubers To Know

The world is fast becoming a global village, and African based content creators want a piece of that global pie.  There are plenty YouTubers based in various African countries who are sharing quality content and we share with you some of our faves:



1. Psychology Demystified

Mental Health is a sensitive subject in the African community with the preference to ignore it or deal with as a ‘private matter’ mostly by previous generations but I am pleased to say our generation is changing all this. We are openly speaking about it, openly recommending therapy and seeing it as necessary as your physical health. Dr Karen is a qualified Psychologist, based in Kenya was introduced to me by another Kenyan Youtuber Sharon Mundia aka This Is Ess and her relatively new YouTube channel discusses all things Mental Health and I recommend you all to check it out.

Here’s a couple more videos  of Dr Karen with Sharon which I highly recommend you all to watch:


2.  The Girlfriends Diaries: Nancie Mwai/Mandi Sarro/Sheila Ndinda/ special mention: Joy Kendi

We became aware of The Girlfriends Diaries thanks to former Chaud Cover Girl, Nancie Mwai,yes we did feature Nancie as our cover girl in 2013!! You can check her cover feature here . Every time a Girlfriends Diaries Vlog goes up, we watch with a quickness! Three content creators Nancie Mwai/Mandi Sarro/Sheila Ndinda/  became friends and now share their travels, cooking sessions, hanging out vlogs together. They have shown us around Lamu, Kenya, Zanzibar, Bangkok.. these 3 friends are the ambassadors Kenya deserves! In a world where content creators are more about building an individual brand, its such a joy to see these 3 African women pulling each other in, working together and getting endorsements together.

3. Angel Lately

Did you know that there is a YouTube Fragrance Community? Creators who love, review and recommend fragrances. I for sure wasn’t aware of this until 2018. Then I found Angel, a Kenyan Fragrance YouTuber and the rest was binge watching history!

4. Sonal Kotak Maherali

The Luxe fiend in me lives vicariously through Sonal’s hauls. She is a luxe YouTuber based in Kenya and she always has me adding a lot of stuff on my Net-A-Porter wishlist. To know where she’s come from to be here consistently churning out content is an inspiration. And I love how she’ll more often than not express herself in KiSwahili.

5. Zuziwe Gcuku

There are a lot of South African based YouTubers so it was really a task who was going to be added on the list. There is something about Zuziwe and her channel that is just refreshing.


6. Thandi Gama

Thandi Gama is a South African YouTuber who shares vlogs, tutorials and so much more. Her tutorials are easy to follow and I can see why the South African varsity students are hooked on to her.

7. Dimma Umeh

Dimma is a Nigerian based YouTuber who is honest, keeps us looking on fleek with her tutorials and she shares the challenges of being a content creator in Nigeria.


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