Our Manifesto

  • Africa is home, Africa is beautiful!
  • We are all things books, self-development, technology and entertainment
  • We live online, we learn online, we interact online
  • We thrive to be leaders in this digital game
  • We appreciate good music and are always open to diversifying our catalogue
  • Chaud embodies love, we love love.
  • Be unique, Be you
  • Know your gadgets, understand technology
  • Be business and finance savvy – this sets you up for greatness
  • Do extensive research before making any expensive purchases.
  • Smart is definitely sexy
  • Geekiness is cool, very cool
  • Always dress to impress..make no excuses
  • Learn from your mistakes and do better
  • Love thyself in order to love others
  • Don’t follow every single trend, it maketh not a fashionista
  • A good watch as an accessory means everything
  • Don’t post pictures you will one day regret on social media
  • Read a good book often
  • We will only watch ratchet reality shows for 2 episodes max – all for research purposes.
  • Men who know and appreciate a mean shoe game are after our own hearts
  • Give back to society
  • Forgive those who wrong you

Email Us:

General Enquiries/PR :                                     info@chaudmag.co.uk

Are you Creative?Webshows? Artists? :     info@chaudmag.co.uk


Social Butterflies: 

Twitter: @chaud_themag

Instagram: @chaud_themagazine

Pinterest: @ChaudMagazine


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