It’s been a long time, we shouldn’t have left you without a dope beat to step to… Now that we’ve got you dancing and your attention, let us try again..1,2, Testing…is this thing on? Wow, a bigger come back than that of SOULJA BOY in 2018 is that we ARE BACK! As an editor-in-chief having … More WE ARE BACK!!

FarFetch Exclusive Blogger Breakfast

  On Thursday 25th August I had the pleasure of attending an exclusive Blogger Breakfast hosted by FarFetch together with other talented bloggers who included Rachel of UKAfrolista and Johnson from Pause Magazine.   I have worked with FarFetch over the past few years. Farfetch is an online marketplace that brings together the best independent boutiques … More FarFetch Exclusive Blogger Breakfast

Baring the Décolletage‬: A Hot-Summer’s Cold Shoulder

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Summer is nigh! What is summer to me? Warm weather, long summer evenings, bottomless brunches, punting in Cambridge, cocktails on the Madison rooftop, barbecues, weddings, Wimbledon, Pimms, frozen yogurt, picnics,  and to top it all buying summer fashion pieces is always a winner too.  I have to say that my Summer … More Baring the Décolletage‬: A Hot-Summer’s Cold Shoulder

The Unempathetic Social Media Activists

Jean-Luc’s family is murdered. Jean-Luc’s friends, social network, family, acquitances, colleagues–in fact even those who didn’t know Jean-Luc offer their condolences they are not only sympathetic but also empathetic to how it must feel for Jean-Luc. In my culture when some-one passes away people go over to their home and gather to offer their condolences … More The Unempathetic Social Media Activists