Web Watch: Plan B The Movie!

Whilst we are suffering from Skinny Girl In Transit withdrawals, LowlaDee came to the rescue with PLAN B which premiered last week on Valentine’s Day. I have been a fan of LowlaDee’s work ever since This Is It, which we featured here is one of the Must Watch African Web series back in 2017. Plan B is a Kenyan RomCom, with many cute and funny moments (just as a romcom should do!). I enjoyed the infusion of Swahili in the dialogue, just making it that much more authentically Kenyan I suppose!

PLAN B is a digital/TV Film Written/Directed by LowlaDee, produced by Sarah Hassan who also stars on the show. Plan B is filmed in Nairobi, Kenya, it follows Lisa Waweru a broke stylist who on after a bad breakup goes out for a few drinks and ends having  a one night stand with a mysterious man. Few months later Lisa is not only pregnant but she discovers that the mysterious man is Dele Coker, a successful Nigerian CEO based in Nairobi and expanding in East Africa. She and her best friend Joyce, must come up with the perfect plan to have him pay his dues. This must change their lives forever!

As we all watched Genevieve Nnaji’s Lionheart on Netflix, I recommend that we all rally behind LowlaDee as well and watch this movie. In a bid to avoid spoilers I say watch right until the end and you will be sure to see a familiar face!


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