7 YouTubers to Follow in 2019

Everyone now appreciates that video content is the future and most people do watch YouTube, YouTube content creators are carving careers whilst sharing their passions, interests, tutorials and so much more. It’s always a great thing to discover a YouTube channel because with growth, our interests and the type of content we watch evolves (now don’t get us wrong…sometimes you do fall into this dark dark hole of ratchetness and you can’t seem to come out) however we are here to share with our current favourite obsessions!


1.SABC1- Mzansi Fo Sho

Imagine an extension of a South African TV channel on YouTube, and that channel brings WHOLE episodes of their shows. Generations, Uzalo, Diamond City are some of the great dramas produced in South Africa, and its such a great way to show the world of the talent in South Africa, of the show creators and the actors themselves. Diamond City is a slight South African version of Orange Is The New Black, only much more interesting. What I love the most of these shows is that they are in local languages! The comments sections of these shows are also entertainment on their own! I would highly recommend Uzalo, Generations and Diamond City (though it seems they have removed some of the Diamond City earlier episodes.)


2. Ronke Lawal Means Business

Ronke’s channel is a must subscribe for every entrepreneur, professional, student, influencer…everyone! Ronke is our favourite PR guru and her videos will have you inspired, checking yourself and much more informed.

3. Left On Read

I do planning a separate post dedicated to 7 BookTubers To Watch, however I thought to introduce to you my favourite BookTuber whom I discovered in late 2018. She also has a podcast under the same name which she hosts with her husband.

4. I Am Lady Luxe

I will confess here and now that over the Christmas holidays I binge watched all of her videos! I found a black woman’s channel that not only feeds my love for luxe fashion but also feeds my love for my career! The fact that she merges these two so seamlessly and provides content for both the fashion loving professional is ace!

5. All Things Adrienne 

Celebrities are no longer just sharing themselves on Instagram and Twitter, they are also now creating content for YouTube. I do like Adrienne as a co-host of daytime talkshow The Real and I enjoy how her personality shines through her YouTube channel.

6. FOHR: A Drink With James

If you’re an influencer on whichever platform of your choice, watching the FOHR CEO’s A Drink With James’s videos will not only be insightful but help you build your brand.


7. Styled by Casanova

Peak adulting is watching AND thoroughly enjoying cleaning and home decor videos. I’ve been subscribed to Nadia for a while ever since she had less than 5k subscribers fast forward to a few years later and here she is with over 100,000 subscribers.


Who are some of your favourite YouTubers or Channels that you’re subscribed to that you’d like to share? We will share our favourite African YouTubers, BookTubers, Podcasts in future posts!


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