7 YouTubers To Follow in 2017

As you get on with the new year, we have decided to upgrade your YouTube subscriptions with the following recommendations of our favorite channels that provide us with entertainment, enlightment, encouragement and oooh another word beginning with ‘e’that is not coming to mind right about now…ah yes excellence!

1. Mattieologie

If on your list for 2017 is a successful (i.e. Paid) blog or social media platform or want to be considered ‘an Influencer’ Mattie’s channel is one you ought to subscribe to. Mattie James is a Social Media Influencer  with a blog full of worthy resources to up your game be it with blogging or your fashion game too. She has decided to also be adding content on her YouTube channel with fashion look books, make up tutorials, lessons how to up your social media influencer game and more. As an added bonus – the quality of her videos, the background, editing and more actually inspire those of us looking to enter this YouTube space. The content she also shares as a successful Influencer is one that always has us grabbing our notebooks to ensure that we implement these going forward. So if you need to up your blogging game or YouTube game, watch Mattie’s videos and learn a thing or 5.

2. Demetria Lucas D’Oyley

Demetria Lucas D’Oyley is blogger, journalist, author and now add YouTuber to her resume. Known for her A Belle In Brooklyn blog turned novel, being a cast member on Bravo’s Blood, Sweat and Heels, writing for Essence Magazine and of course #AskDemetria relationship advice which she features on her Instagram page and Ask.Fm and Twitter. Demetria’s advice delivery is always straight forward but also one that I personally relate with because I’ve been told by a couple of friends (and a former Chaud intern)that she reminds them of yours truly. Her advice is entertaining, insightful and though we might not always agree with her..it’s most often that not on point.

3. Skinny Girl In Transit

Now on Season 3, Skinny Girl In Transit is an entertaining web series shot in Nigeria following the life of On-Air Personality Tiwalade and her journey of weight loss as well as her relationship woes. Definitely entertaining and great to always see a successful African web series.

4. IamChoquette

Claire Chanelle’s YouTube channel definitely caters to those who love fashion, beauty, vlogging and luxury items. I found out of Claire’s channel via Lydia Millen’s channel and it’s actually been such a great addition to my subscription list as she introduces us to a glimpse of her blogger lifestyle via the vlogs, fashion hauls and all the great YouTuber idiosyncrasies.

5. Beauty Books Amerii

Famed R&B singer Amerii has a great YouTube channel where she discusses beauty, fashion, lifestyle and most importantly books! Having started the Nomwe podcast what that led to was a whole undiscovered (by me of course) world of a plethora of BookTube channels where all book lovers reside in the great YouTube land. 

6. CarolineTheReader

Another favourite BookTuber who discusses books – always find it’s a great way to find book recommendations to add to one’s reading list and I totally like Caroline’s personality too!

7. Scola Dondo

Last but definitely not least is Zimbabwean fitness YouTuber Scola, who is not only a friend of ours but is definitely inspiring! Scola was literally everywhere in 2016 – in a great way – on the tube adverts, on Piccadilly Square billboards, on our TVs and on the Metro newspaper…and her fitness dance workout videos will be great for all of you who are looking to be a healthier version of themselves in 2017!


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