Better by Chrisette Michele – The Review


Sometimes you get disappointed by love, knocked back to zero, sometimes the best thing is to take some time out to heal you and those scars. Then after some self evaluation, you realise you know you, you love you more and you are healed, and are Better and are ready! This album is for us all; the lovers,  those in ‘lubbits‘, those who are saying to Cupid ‘wassup’, those who love love, those once disappointed by love or what they thought was love but are ready and hopeful, the ones ready for love, ready for Better, a better love, a better joy, a better journey. This album is for us all because in everything we do in love as in life we strive for BETTER!

Today 11th June 2013, is that day that we (read that as the Royal we if you may) have been waiting for! Chrisette Michele’s album BETTER is HERE!!! I managed to get my hands on this album prior to today (LEGALLY), I have the Deluxe version (of course, true Chrisette supporters do it BIG, I’m tempted to lace it up with ‘big’ innuendos but I’m going to stick to the task at hand). Ever listen to music and wonder at what point did Chrisette enter your heart, mind and soul, understand you at that moment and then pen this song ever so aptly just for you and your feelings? Well that is what you will get from this body of work. There is a reason I call it a BODY OF WORK! That is because all 16 songs (20 on the Deluxe) are GREAT.

Chrisette’s former albums (I Am, Epiphany) had songs about the pain of love, being hurt by love, getting over those who hurt, the fear of being hurt et al. Better focuses more on love!  Chrisette in a recent interview with NPR has openly spoken about how she is happy  ‘I’m in the best space, emotionally and physically, that I’ve ever been. I took some time away from any type of media where I just felt like I would have to explain myself and took some time to not explain myself to anybody except myself. I got along with God a little bit. I meditated some. And I juiced. I went on a sixty day juice feast.’ Listening to the album you can definitely hear that growth and that healing and how she is definitely better and I think if we all have embarked on that journey at some point, we can relate.

If you remembered late last year for her birthday Chrisette gifted us with a mixtape, Audrey Hepburn, Rich Hipster, Charades, Can the Cool Be Loved (and Love in the Afternoon on the Deluxe) all make it on to Better as well. Before you all ask WHY? Just remember that the mixtape was a gift and therefore it only would make sense to also include the most popular songs from that on to her album.

Be in Love, Love Won’t Leave Me Out, Better, 10 foot stilettos* are just those ready-for-love-esque anthems that  will have you waving your hands in the air as you sing along or the songs you play before you go forth and conquer in the dating world! Ma’fact play it before you leave the house on that first date.

You Mean So Much To Me, A Couple of Forevers are the ones for the lovers, the songs to play at your wedding and just have you smiling as you think about your  new booski who’s just treating you right and making you feel in lubbits.

Supa is a woman telling her man that she’s not perfect, she has her flaws, and she does not always have that ‘S’ on her chest all the time. Get Through The Night, I’m Still Fly* are the other great gems on this album. The full track listing is below:

1.       “Be In Love”
2.       “A Couple Of Forevers”
3.       “Let Me Win”
4.       “Rich Hipster” ft. Wale
5.       “Love Won’t Leave Me Out”
6.       “Interlude (In My Head Better)”
7.       “Better”
8.       “Snow”
9.       “Visual Love”
10.   “Charades” ft. 2 Chainz
11.   “Interlude (In My Heart Convo With Boyfriend)”
12.   “You Mean That Much To Me”
13.   “Supa”
14.   “Interlude (In My Bed Sleeping Alone)”
15.   “Get Through The Night”
16.   “Can The Cool Be Loved” ft. Bilal & Dunson

*Deluxe edition bonus tracks:

17. “Teen Foot Stilettos”
18. “Interlude (Perch Yo Girlz Phone Convo)”
19. “I’m Still Fly”
20. “Love in the Afternoon” ft. Nello Luchi

I highly recommend you all to purchase Better on iTunes  and be Better! You will dance, sing along and be happy!

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