Fashionable Chaud Couples

Ever co-ordinated your outfit with your boo? ALL RAISE YOUR HANDS WITH ME! Now ever been sooo in lubbits* that you change your dress sense altogether and have the whole world except you and your boo screaming ‘STOP IT!!’ probably not because you’re not Kanye whipped. Now I sorta-kinda* get Kim here – I mean she’s dating KANYE WEST! I have a crush on Kanye West – I’ll be ultra specific – I had a crush on Kanye West’s ego or is it his old ego, you know the Kanye that did not give one aorta of a damn but was charming at the same damn time uh huh him (I just have a thing for men with egos) so imagine that Kanye-ego came to me in Ryan Gosling’s body and Chuck Bass’s alphets* and he told me to go out in a sports bra and pencil skirt in broad daylight..would I say NO? In a bid not to independence my way to loneliness* I will refrain from answering that question just in case that Kanye West ego exists.HA! See Kim is just happy that’s she’s with THE KANYE ‘I’MMA LET YOU FINISH‘ WEST…Reggie Bush ain’t Kanye West, Chris Humphries could have been dropped from the team by Kanye’s BFF…Kanye has designed questionable stuff but what does that matter? Monica Rose is no longer styling the Kim Kardashian whose fashion stakes we used to love. Sigh.  Now what has this got to do with this article? Well honestly nothing – I am on a self-imposed social media hiatus and thus all my rambles have found their way to Chaud.

We love couples who take time to co-ordinate and look good together! And so here are our fave 3


Why does Vladislav Doronin always look  so Madame Tussaud’s like?


Olivia Palermo a fashion icon to some and her boyfriend are one stylish couple even when rocking casual wear.


Yes Sir!! We are here for the Beckhams!!! And baby Harper is too adorable there!

Who are you favourite fashionable celebrity couple?

Photo Credits:, GoogleImages,Tumblr,FashionBombDaily

* Alphets / alfeets noun outfits, word coined by French Montana

*lubbits/labits  noun  love , origin of word not known but used in circumstances where the love is on a 8 on a Richter scale

*sorta-kinda  phrase used when clearly you have no justification behind said reasoning but trying and failing to convince  even yourself

*independence your way to loneliness phrase profound meaning for absolute hogwash coined solely by Tyrese Gibson. Phrase in ‘Manology’ language means women should not be independent as they will end up lonely. Phrase can never be used in any serious context however accreditation should be always be awarded to ‘Manology’.



5 thoughts on “Fashionable Chaud Couples

  1. Lmaooo..I live for your humour Editor Reen – that first paragraph!! please stay off Twitter longer and entertain us here!
    The Beckhams, Beyonce and JayZ, Michelle and Barack.
    as always c’est chaud mama!

  2. Ye’s my dude and performing this song at an event such as the MTVMA’s is arhgilt, but to actually make this a record and for your album, NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!If Ye don’t watch out he’s going to be out, with the people who dig real hip hop. Ye’s not the hard core dude and you can respect that cause he’s REALLY Talented and he doesn’t front and pretend to be someone he’s not and he has mad style. But he’s starting to loose it, stop with the voice coder sh*t and spit like you still care, before he made heart felt sh*t because he wanted to prove to people you can move differently(not look like the pro-to type rapper) and still be nice, but now????????????

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