Her Music: Lianne La Havas

I hardly party during the week ok scratch that nowadays I hardly party period but when one of my dear sister-friends invited me to go with her to see Lianne La Havas at The  Village Underground in Shoreditch, I quickly put my Monday woes away and said ‘Of course’ and after all The Underground is a few minutes away from my work place. Elated, Happy, Smiling, Laughter, Content, Fun, Memorable – were all adjectives, emotions and nouns I shared after seeing Lianne La Havas perform! This was contrary to the emotions I felt when I saw Michael Kiwanuka – he can sing, I give him that but the boy left me all depressed and hoping he never sang with Adele!

There was a bit of waiting for Lianne to come out, the opening act was Kimbra , her music was different. What kept me entertained was the guy in her band who reminded me of House Party! When Lianne came I honestly was tired, I contemplated taking of my heels (I was coming from work so was not dressed for a concert) and also it had seemed it was date night for everyone else there  – so a lot of PDA shows were left, right, back and front! And then she came out, and honestly from the first note I quickly forgot of everything around me and allowed this talented voice to entertain me. She reminded me of Erykah Badu meets Lauryn Hill but with such an infectious smile and a humbling personality. She had me wishing I had taken guitar lessons more seriously too. It was an intimate affair, great crowd and everyone was just out to enjoy her music and we all did…our feet might have ached with the standing but it had all been worth it.

Please excuse our shaky videos – we are amateurs on filming via the iphone! But we sure hope you get a glimpse of what we saw and enjoyed.

The album’s title tells the ballad of Lianne, and it’s persuasive and she asks her man ‘Is his love big enough for what’s to come?’ Shacking up with a working musician is a special kind of hell: the nights away, touring; the emotional rollercoaster of failure or success. We sure hope it was a yes!

Don’t Wake Me Up which she sang on that day has grown on me so much, the performance was raw, honest and have to say it is now a personal favourite off the album.

Lost and Found is such a great song, with deep meaning and also one song you can play over and over again.

Lianne is truly an underrated musician and we sure hope she gets the acknowledgement, praise and awards that she deserves. If you’re looking to add great music on your catalogue then we say rush and get Lianne’s album, we highly recommend it.

Purchase is Your Love Big Enough here


Image Credits: Google Images, Chaud 


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