Chaud Prose: A Stranger’s Call

I wondered if he knew that I’d twirled with my hair, played with my feet, licked my lips, closed my eyes , I’d seductively strutted my stuff as if I was on a runway as I paced the room a couple of times, picked up a coin and tossed it in the air quite a few times, rolled on my bed, and more whilst talking to him? I didn’t want the call to end but I had to end it, I told him that this had been the best ‘Anonymous’ call I’d ever had. How even though I wished those I knew were more like him, I didn’t want to know him beyond that call, I wanted him to remain anonymous because though I’d loved talking to him, I’d found solace in the non-judgemental ease of our conversation, how I could totally be myself with him, without worrying about him throwing it back in my face tomorrow, I loved it all! And the best part was he wouldn’t enter into my world, he’d remain anonymous to me though he claimed I’d given him my number years ago! I branded him Mr Anonymous and sent him a telepathic note which read ‘thank you, I found myself again in talking to you. I found my smile &sparkle!’ This call led me to get up and face the world, I was ready and the fight in me lived. But before we dwell on this new me who was ready to kick ass come with me on memory as I reminisce the call.

The voice, let me start with the voice. It wasn’t Barry White deep no, it wasn’t Marvin Gaye soothing, no, it didn’t possess Johnny Gill’s ‘My, My,My’ falsetto, it was smooth, Galaxy chocolate smooth…more like Idris Elba’s voice, when he’s being Idris Elba and not Stringer if you get my drift…the sexy Londoner voice! It was an inviting voice, I felt comfortable, I led this voice into my world, Kelly’s zone. I was so comfortable, comfortable enough to say that I love Westlife, had loads of NewKidsOnTheBlock(when they were still kids..someone say Jason!!) posters back in the day, how I’d day dream I was a member of the Beverley Hills 90210 cast (the ol’ skool one with Brenda and Brandon). The voice listened as I raved about the shirts from Duchamp London, how I would delicately take it off a man, because I understood it was a quality shirt. How I clearly love Ozwald Boateng and his designs. My love for Marmite…yikes, I could hear him cringe, and I imagined the look on his face, I smiled, he told me he felt my genuine smile.

I shared my intimate dreams, how I wished I met one who knew the power of the forehead kiss, how it’d weaken me and how I found it the most endearing of kisses. Yes, didn’t I just say I let that voice know how I was so sensual? So are you a freak Kelly? I questioned what was his definition of a freak? Was he talking about the Michael Jackson kinda freak?or the lady in the street, and a freak in the sheets kinda freak? He had this laugh, so so sexy, yes even his laugh was sexy. Gosh, then how could I not be weak and say everything?I rambled on as if I’d had a whole bottle of Amaretto Disaronno. I enjoyed how it was all non-judgemental even after I mentioned that I’d taken pole dancing lessons for fun and not so that I could get a gig at Spearmint Rhino. He laughed even more when I told him about the dinner at Spearmint Rhino with my girls and my my cousin had all the girls boob-flashing and call him ‘Big Daddy’, they probably thought we were all his…and how because he liked one of my girls my cousin didn’t even look at all those mammary glands. He shared his own experience at a strip club, he told me about his ‘friend’s’ obession,  I questioned if ‘friend’ was really him?The way he denied it, even after we were talking about something else. He that doth protest too much I remarked
And then he mentioned that he would be able to croon me to sleep?Really??I asked him what song would he sing? And he rhymed out,
‘One Love, One Love, You’re lucky just to have one love, One Love, One Love,you’re lucky to just have one’!
OMG, I smiled, he’d just done Whodini!! I asked if I didn’t fall asleep after that would he then start chanting ‘Fight the power’? He then screamed out annoyingly ‘Flavor Flav’, but I still smiled, yes he had such an effect on me! We spoke a little about our love for music, the arts and surprisingly ballet, he knew what a grand jeté was.
Editor’s Note:  all characters are fictional- should we continue?
Image Credit: Google Images

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