Music Bout: Then vs Now

When one is asked to list their GOAT musicians guaranteed most on that list they’ve been fans for from a young age and you’ve grown with that artist  and hold some sort of memory to them. Sometimes we stay loyal like that ride or die chick but sometimes artists try to adapt to the music scene at the current time wanting to attract the younger generation and in so doing they lose some fans *looks sternly at Usher Raymond the fourth* We all grow, we evolve its only part of human nature and life, so for this issue of Music Bout – we look at some of our favourite artistes from back in the 90s who are still on the music scene or made a come-back *SWV*  and how their music has evolved if at all. I need to know if Mary J Blige has changed stylists at all – anyone with this information please let me know.

Jay Z


Mary J Blige



John Legend 

So tell us has their music like wine gotten better with their maturity and life experiences or would you rather they retired and focused on being a father to a child named after a colour/stay mentoring young Canadian boys/sending grammatically wrong ‘inspirational’ tweets/just doing Burger King chicken wrap adverts/dating models/we only listen to them again as Holograms?


2 thoughts on “Music Bout: Then vs Now

  1. Oh the shade @ Mary J B’s style – true though hasn’t change much, guess if it ain’t broke don’t try fix it huh? LOL!
    Old SWV was great the new one is ok, Tyrese should get off Twitter and stay making music because he actually is good.
    Usher was cast out of r&b heaven and sent to Guetta hell!

  2. What I learnt from this post: JayZ is just not going to age at all and Mary J is going to just keep that look.

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