The Teaser Issue!!!

Welcome to the first ever issue of Chaud : The Magazine! This magazine aims to bring you all the hot news in entertainment, technology, business and all the other good stuff. This project was fun and hard work but with a great team and supporters the ‘Teaser’ issue is here. Why did we call it the ‘Teaser’ issue : because it was just giving a sample of what we have in store – if you’re one of those who have been visiting the site prior to today – you’ll most likely have read most of the articles – we really wanted feedback from our readers and to understand where we were lacking and also where we were fitting in.

Our cover girl for this issue is Solange Knowles – from when she cut her hair it seemed she stepped out and blossomed, she was no longer King Bey’s younger sister – no the world stopped to notice her. So as much as she says ‘my hair does not define me’ can we not argue that it does because her going natural seemed to have caught not only the world’s attention but fashion media and fashion designers certainly sat up in their seats and paid attention to her.

Our contributor @mskkj discusses Reality TV – now I do watch more than reality tv, I am diverse but in that diversity I spice it up with some reality tv.  Why am I drawn in to watch ‘ratchetness’ and ‘tomfoolery’ like Love and Hip Hop Atlanta – when I saw the two episodes the two people I knew and am aware of are Rasheeda and K.Michele, the rest seem to have been has-beens like Lil Scrappy.  After watching the second episode I did some self psychoanalysis and came to the conclusion I’m a glutton for self-punishment and I will not be torturing myself anymore watching that foolishness. But why did I even have to watch and indulge such a show? @Mskkj tells us why people like myself and her watch these shows.

We also have our short story contributor – Sara Lee starts of her 2 part story titled ‘Dilemma’ and our Lifestyle and Wellness contributor Genevieve tells us that no matter how bad life gets, do not ever give up, carry on with the good fight as in the end you will make it.

Le Plackard is a section we get access into a fashion guru’s closet and this month 3 dearest bloggers give us a tiny peek into their closets – leaving us wanting more and we will be requesting full access and individual features from them in the near future.  Ever seen stylish little kids? We love seeing kids with style and a sense of individuality but if you have come across recent media trashing of Willow Smith after she posted a picture of her and a ‘fake’ tongue ring – we felt that was individuality gone a step too far. We have survived the rainbow coloured hair but at 11 years we feel ‘fake’ tongue rings should not be allowed on a girl that age.

The above video is something I felt was worth sharing because Chaud embodies love, we love love.

We hope you enjoy this enjoy this first issue and get a taste of what Chaud is all about. And as its our launch day….come on Let’s Celebrate…RIP Mama Whit!! Yup we’re dubbing the Celebrate song our official anthem!!


5 thoughts on “The Teaser Issue!!!

  1. Kudos!!! I hope to see more tech and business talk. And of course a healthy dose of fashion. Enjoyed this issue – maybe also discuss controversial issues, more sex and relationships please! Overall a great issue and I see you growing…well done!

    1. I agree, this was a great issue – something different and can’t wait to see what you do with it. Every article was worth reading – but yes more relationship talk maybe, discussion topics too, more out of your Instagram too please.
      Otherwise I’m super proud of you hon!
      Obama endorses art – I’m so going to V&A now – hmmm you got greatness in you – taking art and getting all cultured like! LOL! Well done R

  2. Well done and I’m very proud of you star
    Did you get to watch the BET Awards that side of the pond? They did a Whitney tribute and when Brandy busted out moves to ‘I wanna dance with Somebody’ I thought of you- it was a deja vu moment.miss you sis!

  3. A friend sent me over here and have to say liked reading it – its diverse and cool. Good stuff and as you stated in your manifesto hope ‘you win in this digital game’. Keep it up! Bon Chance et tu est tres chaud!

  4. Yes well done, love how its got engaging articles which are for both genders. but stop slacking and update!!!!!

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