The 4acesDate: The African Fashion Pack

Howard University alumni, entrepreneurs, epidemiologist, Wilhemina model, fashion savvy, fashion forward, creatives, are just some of the nouns you can gladly throw around when mention of the African Fashion pack is made. So you’ve heard of the Russian Fashion Pack right? Well to them we say, move over from the spotlight because the African Fashion Pack is here!! Karen Kaven, Cookie Kaven, Abby Omoruyi and Ozzy Etomi are the fashionable brains behind the awesome fashion blog the4acesDate.


We are not the only ones who can see the fashion greatness of these ladies, oh no, adding to their Chaud Feature are features on Vogue Italia, Glamour, Essence,, Vogue Paris, Fashion Bomb, Ebony – need we go on? You know what, you all know we are about the receipts aka proof, so allow us to feast your eyes and what you will love is these ladies understand the art of mixing high street and designers – just like the everyday woman but they do it with an ‘art’ and hopefully this will inspire your next outfit ideas!


We are loving this Harlem Look!









So do you agree with us that it is time for Miroslava and her crew to take a seat? We would like to thank our fellow King Beyonce stans aka the lovely fashionistas of the4aces for they really were gracious to our request and allowed us access to their images! You can keep up with these ladies :

Blog: the4acesdate

Twitter: @4ACESDATE

Facebook: The4AcesDate



3 thoughts on “The 4acesDate: The African Fashion Pack

  1. Love all the looks here! The 4 Aces are definitely the fashion rat pack. What I love is that they nail all their looks as if it’s their every day look (if that makes sense). They manage to switch up from preppy to afrocentric but still manage to own their look.

    Awesome feature!

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