The Money Saver Challenge


Saving for a mortgage deposit, a continental move to another part of the world, your child’s private education fund, your child’s future, a car, or even a holiday? Then fear not we’ve got you to save along side your ISAs, hedge funds, investments et al.If you are on Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest or blogger you will probably have come across this 52 Week Money Challenge. The one used above was found on Extreme Couponing Mum’s site. As a Virgo, I tend to be naturally pedantic and particular about certain things – I know the weekly saving I would forget a certain week and not even intentionally but I do have a busy schedule. So what I did was highlight the MONTHLY TOTALS and so would just save monthly on each pay day and also because of personal preference I’ll be starting from the week 28 total ie my first month’s payment would be £106, and increase each month in the order on this form – really because what I’m saving for actually requires a minimum of that amount each month. However this challenge is easy to do and if you’re one who doesn’t forget then follow the Challenge to a T, starting with £1, but as we are already in Week 3 then I suggest you start off with £3 or really what ever you are personally financially comfortable with.

We hope you join us on this challenge and we will do a quarterly check on how you are going along and what has been comfortable with you.


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