Web Watch: 2013 Webisodes to Watch

1. Between Women

Commanding views of over 332 247 an episode of all the webshows we here at Chaud have seen, this is the MOST VIEWED on Youtube, please note from the ones we’ve seen not on YouTube in general. This show got my attention over the Christmas holidays. It is not a new webisode, actually for Season 2 it has been picked up by a major network. The show centres on gay/lesbian women in Atlanta, apparently the ‘mecca of gay people’ – this show is about their lives and their relationships. What intrigued me and kept me watching was taking away that these were gay couples, all that they were going through and subjects that are touched are relateable to heterosexual relationships. They covered cheating, domestic violence, rekindling relationships and more.  yes the acting in the first few episodes is not stellar but even when you look back at some of our favourite shows like Awkward Black Girl they pick up along the way, so we highly recommend this show.

2.  Lenox Avenue

Lenox Avenue is a sexy soap-opera-style drama that centers around the lives of a new generation of Harlemites. Best described as Boomerang with a Love Jones vibe, we focus on three male best friends that are now navigating the complexities of the modern dating scene, the messiness of friendship and the pressures of their professional careers. We are a tad bit lukewarm about this show – but hopefully we’ll give a CHAUD approval soon!

3. Finding My Obama

“Finding My Obama” is an original web series about one woman’s journey to find her perfect man. Her “perfect man” is someone with the same qualities of President Barack Obama. The acting on this show NEEDS to improve, it gives me that high school drama club feel(actually my high school dramas were of a very good quality so hmm) there’s a storyline there but I keep wanting them to do something about it.

4. Crumbs in the Bed

Crumbs in the Bed is a web-TV sitcom about a young married couple with a new home who laugh, bicker and negotiate while in bed together.If you loved The Couple, you just might like Crumbs in the Bed, it is like minisodes, no longer than 6 minutes but will still have you laughing or at least smiling. Shows like The Couple have messed us up with our levels of expectations honestly – but I still say give this show a go, you know when there’s those annoying commercials on tv, just turn to 5 minutes of this goodness!

5. Jabari Presents

Jabari Presents was made to inspire youth culture to chase their dreams by showcasing people who are living theirs. This is a story of executing an idea. It really is easy to understand why we love Jabari’s shows – its about chasing your dreams and living them. This is something that we feel that amongst the entertainment factor provided by other webisodes this leaves you feeling motivated and hopefully you act upon your dream or if not you just understand a bit more about people like Issa Rae of The Awkward Black Girl – which as you know is one of our favourite shows!

6. Madame Noire: I Always Wanted to Ask

Firstly not sure why I feel the need to put a disclaimer on this BUT I do not think like some of those at Madame Noir and honestly am grateful for not even thinking like them. Watching this first episode I had the same reaction I tend to have after reading some articles on Madame Noir’s site , there are pro-black love nazis on that site (dare I say even from watching the video above you can sort of get the gist of the type of articles) but watching Madame Noire’s shows is a good source for conversation topics with my girls@MsKkj and @vimfromzim, and sometimes we’ll bring these on to the Chaud podcasts. I do feel like sometimes it’s some sort of self-imposed antagonising or masochistic behaviours because yes I do get all riled up wondering ‘why do you think like that?’ or ‘how dare you?’ for example their ownership on ‘black men’, or their outlooks on interracial dating…but as I said watch for yourself and let us know what you think.

7. Maria Forleo

She’s the Oprah of YouTube and we say watch her shows!


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