Innernet videos/Webisodes et al

This video is what we call genius and made us wonder how conversations with our 12 year old selves would go. I know mine would definitely be disappointed that I do not live in Mauritius or Switzerland  that is for certain, I seriously had an obsession with the Swiss Alps when I was younger and I was going to have my cabin there with my sledge dogs named Oliver and Pluto – DO.NOT.LAUGH! Anything your 12 year old self would not be pleased about?

As we do keep to our promises – The Couple, Awkward Black Girl new episodes are here and we also came across a new one too. Always hard to believe The Couple are not a real couple – and this episode so real – men are really like little kids when they are ill! I watched and smiled at how she did not lose her cool at all and the laugh at the end – CLASSIC! We hope you enjoy!!


One thought on “Innernet videos/Webisodes et al

  1. That 12yr old video = GENIUS! That’s why I’m addicted to this mag – you guys throw in some gems in your articles.

    My 12 year old self would actually be happy that I did end up a lawyer after watching Ally Mcbeal and that I get to watch Dallas (the new version) with no-one telling me its no for kids my age..hahaha

    The Couple – are you sure they’re not a real couple?Love the series and ‘sex injury’ = those do happen!LOL…and oh my the Religion video!

    PS: Can you do a review on the Frank Ocean album?

    Chaud – keep up the good work actually am impressed with how this is blogazine-esque.

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