The Best Man Holiday Review

Here are the reasons the Best Man Holiday movie rocked: Eddie Cibriani, Morris Chestnut, Nostalgia, Emotional, Tears, Terrence Howard, Laughter. The End.

See I am just curious by nature (a blessing and a curse sometimes) so I am never one to moan about a spoiler and so by the time The Best Man Holiday came out this side of the pond I had researched and read reviews even those laced with spoilers. So going in I already knew it was going to be a good movie and that I would face a roller coaster of emotions. Unlike the Frank Ocean over-hyped Orange album (I’m low-key still bitter at how I allowed FOMO to lead me to listen to that album)  this time the hype and rave reviews were all worth it. Now let’s get into how many ways it was great.

1. Morris Chestnut


No words needed. Morris isn’t my type HOWEVER that body, that body for a man over 40…

2. Nostalgia

Some-things-never-change-Best-Man-Holiday-Jordan-and-Harper Somethings-Never-Change-Best-Man-Holiday

I remember when the first The Best Man came out, I was a college student and I remembered watching this movie whilst away on a group-couples’ holiday  and that holiday still is one of the best holidays of my life so far. So hearing the sequel was coming out nostalgia set in, there was also a pang of having flashbacks of those days as one good friend who had been with us then passed on. Though it also had email round robin of our ‘crew’ which is now scattered all over the globe checking when we were going to watch the movie. The growth of the cast also mirrored our own growth and where we are now in life.

3. Eddie CibrianiFilm Title: The Best Man Holiday

Eddie Cibriani is worth watching the movie for – just to busk in the ambience of those dimples and foineness!

4. The tears 

There is a scene in the movie that the above song is sung and the whole movie theatre was in in tissues were being passed, sniffles could be heard and it was such a heart wrenching scene. Now there are quite a few more scenes were I cried. There is a death in the movie (oh yeah spoiler alert) and to me said death was much more poignant as having lost one of my greatest friends it hurt even more. Monica Calhoun was brilliant in this movie…BRILLIANT!!

5. Laughter


As said above I shed tears but Terrence Howard’s character is still as funny and he’s that big hug full of tickles that comes in and wipes those tears and makes you laugh.

6. There’s NO Madea

Now I do use Madea’s ‘Good Mornting’ and ‘Hellur’ almost every day and usually in response my dear friend Vimbai side-eyes me or just shakes her head. However this movie is realistic and very much relatable and the dynamics in that movie reminds us of our own circles. Tyler’s movies do lack that and I’m glad Malcolm D. Lee made sure this holiday movie steered clear of that box.

7. A Great Christmas Movie

I am a true sucker for romantic comedy, feel good, tear jerking holiday movies. The Holiday is one of my favourite Christmas movies. The Holiday solely because of Jude Law and now I am happily adding The Best Man Holiday to this list. It is definitely a must watch movie during the holiday times and also for your DVD collection. So wrap up warm, snuggle on your couch and enjoy this great movie!


8. The Soundtrack

Remember when movie soundtracks were just as great as the movies themselves during that late 90s, early 00s era? Set It Off, Love Jones, Love and Basketball, Brown Sugar, Waiting to Exhale (this album was full of BabyFace’s awesomeness)..well this movie’s soundtrack is also reminiscent of that time.

PhotoCredit: YourLifeAfter25, Google Images


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