Chaud Goes Global: Chaud in Zimbabwe

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Chaud is diversifying and growing and with growth comes expansion and world domination – and we are happy to introduce you all to our Chaud International Correspondent Nomathamsanqa (Noma for short though I personally love saying her name in full! Holding on to that Ndebele in me 🙂 ) telling us what is Chaud on the streets of the beautiful Southern African country that is Zimbabwe, she will also cover her African exploits in South Africa too!

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A glimpse into what Noma will be covering – Noma was invited to attend the South African Ambassador’s Vusi Mavimbela’s Private Gala at the Rainbow Hotel in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. She rubbed shoulders with the Ambassador and South Africa’s Deputy Minister of Trade Elizabeth Tabethe (pictured above). The event was a glitzy affair highlight on how trade between the two neighbouring countries.

According to the Zimbabwe Mail Zimbabwe’s trade with South Africa reached US$5,8 billion in 2012 although the neighbouring nation enjoyed a trade surplus. Official data from the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (Zimstat) released to the media shows that South Africa continues to be the country’s main trading partner, accounting for more than 60% of Zimbabwe’s international trade volumes.  The figures showed that total trade volumes between Zimbabwe and South Africa reached US$5,8 billion last year from US$4,6 billion in 2011, while the country’s international trade volume for 2012 increased to US$11,2 billion. Source


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