Moments with Content Curator Sincerely Oghosa


When it come to speaking your mind and always speaking the absolute truth, Oghosa is one young lady who has that covered. Sharing your opinions on social media can be very divisive and this is why most bloggers tend to be very diplomatic. So her channel comes as a breath of fresh air, as Oghosa shares her opinions in a very level headed and refreshing manner. We caught up with her to find out her style go-tos, dealing with social media negativity and how she juggles university and her blogger life:

1.    What was your inspiration behind making your very first video?

It’s quite funny remembering it, it was inspired by poetry and teenage heartbreak. It was a video of a poem I wrote. I’ve grown quite a bit since then!

2.    What would be your dream career role?

I aspire to be a Theatre Producer. I want to do a range of things but long term I want to become a Business woman. I want to run my own company which will produce theatre productions, films and television shows.

oghosa 1

3.    In your style videos, your style is always on point. What or who is your style inspiration?

Thank you, I get my ‘great style’ from a range of places. Lots of my style icons include celebrities, bloggers and style I see from different people on social networks. I see style as an expression of freedom and what you’re feeling and the stage you’re at in your journey in life. My style is a working progress and I’m still learning! But I’d say Rita Ora, Sarah Jessica Parker and Rihanna are my style goddesses.

4.    Which would you rather go without (Heaven forbid) your fabulous hair and makeup or your sassy sense of style?

Honestly, in university where I’m working all the time on different ventures, I go out without make up and in a plain pair of Topshop jeans and a graphic T Shirt, so on some days I look fairly ‘plain jane.’ But normally, I’d say I’d rather go out without fabulous make-up and hair. Good clothes make me feel like my creativity is still there and it speaks for me without me having to say a word.

5.    Has it been difficult juggling YouTube and uni?

Yes! Third year is much more intense so it is difficult. In fact after this I have a schedule calling! But I’m learning and getting better everyday.

6.    How do you usually pick the topic for your videos?

I get asked this question alot and I’m terrible at answering it. Topics are all around, in conversations with friends, on social networks, in university, on the news, even my dreams inspire some topics!


 7.    You seem to exude so much confidence in yourself, how have you managed to achieve that so young?

My confidence is something that I’m still learning to own, I think knowing God has helped the most. I believed I was a nothing and a nobody before I had a relationship with God, and knowing who your creator is, helps in knowing who you truly are. That’s where my confidence really comes from.

8. What advice would you give to anyone else wanting to start making videos?

Work hard! It depends what you want from making videos. Some make videos just for recognition or popularity. If you want to do it to make a difference, for yourself or for others-be prepared to work hard, editing and uploading can be stressful. You need to upload consistently and make sure you have decent lighting and a decent camera (even if it’s just your web cam. Also, above all-be yourself.

9.    We really appreciate the videos in which you talk about topics that are very relevant to young people right now such as celebrity worship and relationships. Do you ever worry about making videos where you share your opinion?

Oh yes! Sometimes I get very scared at what people will think about the things I have to say. But then I remember that I have to be true to myself and my beliefs and tell what I believe to be-the truth. And the truth is the most important thing. And as much as people may not LIKE my opinion, they watch my videos because they know I will tell the truth and I won’t gloss it over to make people feel better or more comfortable.



10. Who would you love to collaborate with in the YouTube universe?

Haha! Lots of people who are probably far too busy to collaborate with me! But I would LOVE to meet BeautyByJJ, SpokenReasons and have a long dinner & debate with SuliBreaks whom I like very much.

11. Social media has been both great for young creatives like yourself but there’s that ugly head of social media that brings about bullying, taunting and trolling. What advice would you give another young creative who might be scared to come on YouTube solely based on the negativity? And how have you dealt with the negativity?

Thats a very good question and it brings a very good point about the two faced-ness of social media. It can be a very dangerous place at times, but there is so much love out there. I’m not joking. There have been times when I’m really being led to upload a video about a sensitive topic and I’ve been scared. But you get responses by people all over the world, expressing those same worries you have, and agreeing with you and almost joining you in your journey to defeat the trials you’re facing. I’ve found that sometimes, if you give yourself out to the world, they will give themselves back to you. I have developed different ways to deal with the negativity. I don’t tolerate racism or any kind of evil prejudice on my channel and I report it instantly if i see it (however, Google has made the account system on Youtube more safe so I’ve noticed a drop in this behaviour). Sometimes if there are awful comments, I don’t reply and if I’m upset I tell a friend and it makes me feel better. I also pray about it and that helps alot too. And lastly, sometimes I just ignore the person, because sometimes ignorance needs to be ignored.

12. How do you see your channel evolving?

I want my channel to grow into something that completely changes my life, takes me to places I never thought I’d go and introduces me to people and ventures I didn’t think I’d ever get. I also want it to reach and touch thousands upon thousands of people and for some good to come of that.

Be sure to check our girl out because she is clearly going places:

Twitter: @SincerelyOghosa

Instagram: @SincerelyOghosa

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