Audrey:The Mixtape…Thank You Chrisette


I love Chrisette Michele and if you listened to our first ever Chaud podcast you’d have heard me raving and going on and on about my love for her.  I love introducing people to Chrisette having said that I am rather selfish with her – like I want her to be MY favourite artiste, if it was back in the day and there were fan clubs y’all better know right now that I’d be president of that club! My love for Chrisette all started when I watched her on Girlfriends years ago – now if you don’t know what episode this was you ain’t a true Chrisette fan. I also love that she doesn’t have a name for her fans..that’s how the cool roll…not some foolish names like Navy, Beyhive, Monsters, Lambs, Lil Donkeys and all that kiddie stuff.

Anyway on December 8th which also happens to be Chrisette’s  30th birthday (making her a cool Sagi) she dropped the Audrey Hepburn: An Audiovisual Presentation mixtape . and I’d love for you Chaud readers to fall in like with the woman that is Chrisette, the woman with style, who loves Audrey Hepburn as much as I do (hurts that some thief stole my huge Audrey Hepburn portrait…sigh…),  I want to thank Chrisette for gifting us with this gem of a mixtape!

Check out her candid interview as she tells us that it does not take a year to make an album…‘I’m finally interested in falling in love, I wasn’t for a lil while, I was interested in falling in lust’ Haha Gotta love Miss Michele for that one

1. Pray Me Well feat Rob Glasper

This song!This song! Oh my…Chrisette is just killing me softly, strumming my pain with her lyrics and melody…Pray me well is officially the song that ends my 2012 and ready for Chrisette’s show in January 2013.

2. Can the Cool Be Loved – feat Dunson and Bilal

I’m only cool no pretense, I’m only real no magic, I’m only me – Just cool! I love this video – check how she’s getting her Hepburn on!

3. Kuduritsa feat  Fogo and Lem Payne

Kuduro music reigns from Angola – I got into this genre of music thanks to my cousins who lived in Angola and would bring home the tracks to our family Christmas dos in the late 90s, kuduro was like our grime mixed with crunk – hard to explain kuduro, but let’s say it is great party music! So with Kuduritsa if you know your kuduro you know this track pays homage to that albeit a rich hipster twist.

4. My Heart feat  Lem Payne

We all fall down again, we get back up and run back to love

This is upbeat, the kind of song you need playing whilst on a long summer road trip…oh the type of song you play in the mornings whilst getting ready for work, just to get you moving!

This mixtape is the best ever!! Thanks to Chrisette for gifting us and love her more for that. It gets 11/10 from me!

Chrisette’s new album is already finished and I for one can not wait for this album to drop – I love how she said it will not be a sad album but rather one of a love hopeful and I’m one to always tell my friends to always be hopeful with love  so guess they know what I’ll be gifting them with in 2013 – a Chrisette Michele album!


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