Chaud Podcast 3: The ‘You Is Smart’ Episode

Chaud Podcast

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Three friends, three different timezones and 1 Chaud Podcast! We are pleased to present the THIRD yes THIRD CHAUD podcast! As usual the hosts were  C1rca1964 Editor in Chief, resident Melbourne-based Chaud contributor @MsKkj, Johannesburg-based Diasporan Darlings Editor, aka blogger @VimfromZim and of course  the Chaud Editor-in-Chief – the brains behind this successful young mag. The really fun part of the show (mostly because as an outsider listening to the show, it’s like getting access to these 3 friends having their normal girlfriend chats!)- these hosts are not afraid to shade each other, poke fun at each other and still share valid points!

This third episode was aptly titled ‘The Etiquette Show’, the Social Media 101 tips covered Social Media etiquette – think before you tweet or comment and before keying in those 140 characters always remember ‘You is kind. You is smart. You is important’.  There was a discussion on the SAG and Golden Globe Awards – unlike in the Chaud Podcast 2 when the Emmys validated Reenie’s taste in music these awards clearly showed that her taste in movies is worthy of a side-eye!


The Dating/ Lifestyle segment of the show covered Social Etiquette part of the show was all about how to conduct yourself when being the single person surrounded by couples – the hosts shared their views on Kenya Moore of Real Housewives of Atlanta – who had ‘inspired’ this topic! All 3 hosts agreed that AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR KENYA MOORE TENDENCIES! Keep your paws off other women’s men! Just remember ‘You is kind. You is smart. You is important’

Co-host Vimbai posed the question ‘What if the Mayans were right and the world was coming to end what 3 things would you do?’…well let’s just say it got really entertaining and there was shade – Reenie saying she as a good Catholic girl she repents everyday (can we all remind her of her no confession since the age 8?and also she’s quite vocal on her feelings towards the Pope), @MsKkj – well she said ‘Heyyy Boo’ and Vimbai well she would get it on with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Donald Glover (at the Chaud team we thought Danny Glover for a hot minute). What would you do?

We are all really humbled with how well this podcast has been received, checking the reporting figures is always scary and the figures for such a new show have totally blown us away and so for those who are listening in a MASSIVE thank you from the Chaud team and of course the 3 great and fabulous hosts.

The next Chaud Podcast is a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL and will be broadcast live on CHRISTMAS DAY 25TH DECEMBER @ 12:00am standard Australian time, 1:00pm GMT and 3:00PM Joburg time! Our hosts will be having their Christmas meal, getting their drink on and entertaining you too. So as you gather with your families – you can have these 3 ladies in the background chatting it up and you’ll be able to tweet them too and ask them anything and they’ll answer live on air! For the new year, who knows the Chaud Podcast team might move on to Google+Hangouts with you all as they do their show…we surely hope so!


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