She’s A Star!: Chrisette Michele & the Rat Pack 3013 Grace London

Last night my first grand 2013 moment was made and I know by God’s grace many more are to come but this is such a great way to kick it off. In Drake’s voice  ‘How I feel, how I feel, I’ll tell you how I feel’ and then in Chrisette’s voice ‘About that life dot com period!!!’

It had been six years since she’d last been to London to perform, an awfully long time if you ask me considering she had albums in between that time but she delivered greatness to make up for that long absence. Last year she went to Amsterdam, Paris and then London – inspired by London and the lady she adores – Audrey Hepburn, she made that great mixtape that I have raved on about on this site and during our podcasts. I am a bonafide Chrisette Michele stan, I rock hard for her, I rep hard for her, even all my friends know and I have introduced her to a select few. Chrisette is my favourite artiste of our time, she takes pole position the next artiste is on a third position type hype – won’t say who it is though!


Now can I start by saying she tweeted me AGAIN?!? If you listened to Chaud’s podcast yesterday (if not listen here) I mentioned that it takes simple little things to make me happy and you can imagine the joy that I felt with that second tweet with my girl Chris (do NOT side-eye my grandiose delusions here, in Beyonce’s t-shirt’s words ‘Can I live?’).

So British Singer and Song writer Khalid Fysal was the opening act, he sort of was giving me the John Legend meets Bob Marley vibe.

Then the great Rat Pack 3013 came on the stage – who are they? Well they are Chrisette’s band – who are great! Can you guys please take a moment and just hail Ashleigh’s hair? Even though Ashleigh says it is just too much hair!

photo (3)

We rocked out to Ashleigh and the band as they warmed us up for the Fair Lady herself Chrisette! Kudos to Ashleigh and the crew, they did a great job and got us all hyped and ready…And then she came!!

Chrisette London

If you are a true Chrisette fan (keyword being TRUE) you have watched her videos, her interviews and have all her albums. You are very much a master of the Chrisette Michele trivia game! I remind you all that I did say I would have been founder and president of her fan club if it was way back when. Anyway much digression here – back to what I was saying – Chrisette was just like the woman you see during her interviews, just her, there was no transformation into some fierce alter ego (pew pew shots fired). She made us laugh, she had us singing along, dancing and vybing (there’s a red squiggly line under vybing so it’s not a word huh?).  The crowd at this show was very much mature and there to have a good time, there were no drunk or belligerent people at all, they were all true Chrisette fans who were out to have a good time.

This is her personality

She came out and first song was ‘Pray Me Well’, a song I think I tweeted all it’s lyrics at some point and would always tweet ‘Pray Me Well’ before going to bed during the month of December. The song speaks volumes to me and I love her voice, the melodies and well…how about you listen to it. Now this song can be about LOVE or for a creative person who is needed that refuelling to get back to their craft when sometimes it seems it’s all shady!

I’m lookin for love in foreign places. I’m lookin for love in distant faces. I’m lookin above yea for only traces, Send me your love, God hear my case! Pray me well 

The next song was also from the mixtape – which as we already said was inspired by Audrey Hepburn and so the title of the song was after an Audrey movie – ‘Charades’.

After Charades she segued into Favela Chic where she schooled us that Favela Chic means Ghetto Fabulous! From Favela it was a smooth transition into a song off her 2007 debut album ‘I Am’, and the song was ‘If I Have My Way’

Then she sang the Grammy winning song ‘ Be Ok’  which was dedicated to all those people in crappy relationships ma’fact Chrisette said ‘All those in crappy relationships give yourself a shout out!’ HA! The upbeat tempo of the song had everyone in the crowd singing, dancing along and waving their ‘OK’ signs. Then it was back to some hits off The Audrey Hepburn mixtape with Rich Hipster – which she said is actually for people who might not be rich in their pockets but rather rich in their hearts.  From singing out to the Rich Hipsters (need to check where the rich hipster tshirts are being sold online ) she then sang a song that she wrote for a very sexy man who was away playing in a band in Japan – yes, she said he was very sexy and she did this thing that we women do when we are talking about a sexy man!From offering to be the sexy man’s Fair Lady she sang the breakup song ‘Blame It On Me’ .

Chrisette told us that she actually had wanted to be a rock star but that did not pan out the way it was supposed to and she became an r&b singer and yours truly is grateful that she gives us r&b and the great kind!

So Chrisette was really mad at the game, so mad that as you can hear her say in the video up top that for Goodbye Game video she cut all hair off! She was making a statement.

Chrisette is human and thus like most of us – she sucks at breakups and during those times – God is one most of us turn to just for comfort and reassurance that it is going to be alright. So Chrisette took us to church – literally and well you can just tell she was raised in the church. TRIVIA – Chrisette sang for high school gospel choirs growing up!

Chrisette then went back to an album song from her 2009 album and she sang the title track ‘Epiphany’

Chrisette then left the stage – of course we were not having that! I mean a show ain’t a show unless the crowd demand an encore (or 9 if it’s The Throne concert). So of course she came back, and she even told us ‘I really didn’t want to leave anyway’

The next song she sang is one that’s played by many at their weddings as they are walking down the aisle to their loved one! Golden is THAT wedding track.

Another memorable part of the show for me came when Chrisette and Ashleigh did their Ella Fitzgerald v Billie Holiday thing!

It was brilliant, you could tell both women are jazz vocalists. It was fun as they did impression of Ella and Billie! It was awesome! Then the evening ended, everyone left happy realising that Chrisette delivered just as she does with her studio albums. As you read you will also discover bits of information that Chrisette shared with us – it was a personal affair. It was great, it was not pretentious and to all those who say ‘They don’t make good music anymore’..well it is because of you do not know of gems like Chrisette! Sometimes greatness doesn’t have to be loud, sometimes greatness is not recognised, but true greatness is always appreciated and it delivers! To Chrisette, Ashleigh and the Rat Pack 3013 MERCI, J’ADORE and until next time – please no 6 year hiatus as I speak on behalf of London and say YOU ROCKED!!!

Chrisette’s newest single ‘A Couple of Forevers’  (which Tiwa Savage – Nigerian singer/songwriter co-wrote..Tiwa is doing big tings) will be available on iTunes next week on the 5th of February, please buy and enjoy greatness!

*Side-Note: To the Obvious Sallys out there – yes most of the live video footage is actually NOT from the London show BUT it is Chrisette singing live  as part of the Audrey Hepburn Mixtape Tour! Real reason is that my iphone’s footage isn’t that good and the darn thing’s battery died halfway through the show! You know what – iphone is like that ex – who was cute to look at but when it came to deliverables was the most useless! Aesthetically the iphone is good to look at when compared to the Samsung  Galaxy/SIII family but the footage shot via Samsung phones is pixel heaven!


3 thoughts on “She’s A Star!: Chrisette Michele & the Rat Pack 3013 Grace London

  1. As someone who appreciates Chrisette Michelle’s music, can I just say thank you for posting up these videos. She’s severely slept on as an artist. May she continue to rise and get to her rightful spot on her ladder.

    Loved her outfit and hair!

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