Chaud PodCast: The Ratchet Show

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We are pleased to announce the launch of the Chaud Podcast! If you love reading the monthly online magazine dedicated to bringing you what’s hot and at the cutting edge of pop culture, you’ll love the Chaud podcast! A weekly round table of what’s happening in the twitter streets, what the latest scandal is in the most ratchet of tv shows, social media tips and if you are lucky a special guest! Grab a cup of tea or wind down with a cocktail as you listen in to Chaud conversation!

The two hosts who are  great friends have great rapport, wit, jokes and working on different timezones to bring you an entertaining show weekly on Sundays.  The hosts are –  C1rca1964 Editor in Chief, resident Melbourne-based Chaud contributor @MsKkj who likes to call herself a procrastinator in rehab. Her love of ratchet reality tv and side eyes go together like strawberries and cream. She would like to take over the social media world one tweet at a  time but she’ll settle for a pair of hot shoes, good music, a bottle of red and a library with her favourite books. She’s not asking for much ;-).

Joining her will be the Chaud Editor-in-Chief – the brains behind this successful young mag who if you already follow this magazine you know she loves ratchet reality tv, great Youtube webisodes, Rick Ross on top of that she is also a semi -retired blogger on her way to being a media maven, she has more than blogging experience and twitter wit to keep listeners entertained. She’s Rated R by her friends ‘R’ for Ratchet – she loves ratchet reality tv, good books, great music and food!

The first episode was aptly titled ‘The Ratchet Show’ and true to that the music was ratchet, but in true Chaud style not everything is about ratchetness we aim to also educate whilst entertaining so there was still great tips shared with the Blogging 101 tips. During this episode the hosts were also joined by blogger @VimfromZim who has promised to join into the show weekly too! So you’ll soon get 3 friends, in 3 continents on one CHAUD podcast!!

Please enjoy and also let us know your feedback on our first show. If you have a burning topic you want us to chop up – send it through to us.


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