Nancie Mwai: Africa’s Global Fashion Blogger


The Kenyan blogging scene and Kenyan Twitterati are a force to be reckoned with and therefore it was only right for our New Africa issue have a Kenyan grace our covers.Nancie Mwai one of Kenya’s top fashion bloggers who has made a name for herself and was named one of the World’s Top Fashion Bloggers by Lucky Magazine. We had the chance to chat a bit with Nancie and get to know more about her and the blogging scene in Kenya.

1.      Please tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Nancie Mwai, I’m 26 years old from Nairobi, Kenya.

2.      When did you start fashion blogging and what attracted to it all?

I started blogging In April 2010. I was an avid fashion blog reader and after years of reading blogs and loving fashion I decided to start my own.


3.      Are you a full-time blogger and if so what is it like being a full-time blogger in Kenya?

I’m not really a full time blogger because I do some other businesses on the side. I once tried being a full time blogger but its not as sustainable as it looks.

4.      Kenya’s internet users are above the 16 million mark – which means there are more bloggers – what is the blogging community like in Kenya? And what do you think the future is like?

The blogging community here is amazing. We have a bloggers association called BAKE {Bloggers Association of Kenya} and we have awards on a yearly basis. There are more blogs in other fields but fashion blogging is rising steadily.

The future of blogging in Kenya is definitely brought, many brands are starting to see the use of bloggers and are incorporating them into their marketing budgets. This was unheard of five years ago.


5.      Are fashion bloggers and their opinions taken seriously in Kenya and what impact have they had if at all in the industry?

Well yes and no. Some people do value the opinion of the Fashion Blogger and others do not care. I don’t blame them, It takes time to understand the impact blogging has.


6.      You’re not only a Kenyan fashion blogger but are also recognized internationally – having been mentioned by Lucky Magazine as one of the World’s Top Fashion Blogger. What are the challenges of gaining such recognition and how do you deal with them?

Yes I have. That was one of my most humbling experiences. Fashion Blogging for me is a hobby turned into a career but I’m still on the learning journey hence that was a big deal for me.

7.      What opportunities has blogging brought to you that you mightn’t have had were you not a blogger?

I got to travel to Germany for Berlin Fashion Week. An experience I will never forget.


8.      What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start a fashion blog – whether full-time or part-time?

Do it for the passion and express yourself, do not follow what other bloggers are doing. If you express yourself for who you are it will end up being a one of a kind blog. Also try seek help from other bloggers if you get stuck and help other bloggers when they need help.

9.      If you were given the chance to work with any fashion house in the world which one would you choose?
Marc Jacobs.


10.  Any fashion faux-pas you want to share?

I cant stand crocs.


11.  You had to invite 5 fashion icons/ fashionable celebs to dinner who would you invite? And what would be in your goodie bags to them?

Solange Knowles, Kanye West, Bonang Matheba, Sofia Vergara, Lady Gaga and Olivia Palermo. The goodie bags would be filled with something differnt accessories from different cultures in Kenya.

12.  Any three random fun facts about you

I love to cook.


Social Butterfly: Here’s where you can keep up with Nancie:


Twitter: @nanciemwai

Instagram: @nanciemwai



5 thoughts on “Nancie Mwai: Africa’s Global Fashion Blogger

  1. This lovely lady works hard! Have seen her on the come up.. and she has only ONE way to go.. and it aint down!

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