5 Chaud Content/Creatives You Need To Know


We now sadly live in a world where the number of followers matter more than the content, where the number of views or virality impact matter the most – before brands work with they have a minimum 1k Twitter follower reach cap,30k views on YouTube before checking on the content you’re putting out. However true content creators who do it for the art, who love the art, focus on their content regardless of their reach and let their passion do the talking and they stay consistent to their brand and what they are putting out. With all that being said, I have decided to share with you 5 CHAUD content as well as content creators you need to know, follow and just applaud.

1. Janelle Monae – Yoga

I have a special place in my heart for Janelle Monae, all that she stands for and her style. Yoga is such a great song, it is all about acceptance of self, loving who you are and also ‘get off my areola’ is added to my growing arsenal of grown bougie come-backs which include ‘go have coitus with yourself’  directed to those who sometimes deserve this.

2. Abi


I love Abi’s Instagram and her blog Bids In Graceland, she is so consistent, has a great eye for Fashion which is always inspiring me and her blogs are always informative and detailed.

3. Toyaberry

Chaud and YouTube are like peanut butter and jelly – we go together. I actually have allocated ‘YouTube Days’ where I’ll spend the day on the YT, and this also has a rabbit hole experience and sometimes this experience leads me to find channels like Toya’s that I then become obsessed with because of her fashion sense and how well she edits her videos! She also has an awesome blog http://champagneandstilettos.com/

4. Vanessa Sanyauke

Another YouTube rabbit hole discovery, I came across a great talkshow created and co-hosted by Vanessa (fellow Zim chick too) called Girls Talk London, they talk about pop culture, beauty, lifestyle, fashion and everything else in between – this show needs to be on our televison screens, spice up our daytime television chat shows.

5. Wale – The Body

I have always made it known that me and Wale Folarin go together! He’s a fellow Virgo so I get Wale and I am a super fan of his. It was through Wale that I discovered Chrisette Michele and for that I’m eternally grateful to Wale, but not only that I enjoy his art and the delivery of his message. This video should have more than the 4 million views because a song titled The Body by a rapper, but has a fully clothed lead girl in it deserves more views just for that alone!


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