Web Watch: Housemates


Launched on BWNG TV on March 18th is HouseMates, a series of short situational episodes following a close group of five twenty-something girls living together. Be prepared to join Mya, Chenayi, Jade, Zara and Michelle, as they take you through the mundane but funny reality of living with your friends.

Created and directed by Monique Needham, HouseMates was inspired by Monique’s real-life experiences. This ‘Friends’ meets ‘Girlfriends’ docu-drama, gives insight into the special bond of female friendship, through its individual characters.


Monique teamed up with the BWNG TV team following the HouseMates tasters that were released in early 2014.  These will be re-released on the channel along with the four brand new episodes on March 18th 2015(yes this Wednesday). This collaboration was a right fit for both, as they felt that BWNG audience would appreciate the content and it would also reach a larger audience, both locally and internationally.

Talking about what she hopes the viewers get from watching HouseMates, Monique says ‘I hope viewers are able to enjoy and gain insight as well as relate to having had had housemates/roommates as some point in our lives. I hope they are able to relate to the scenarios, enjoy the characters and their interactions’

Talking about her inspiration for HouseMates, Monique says “it’s shows like with characters like this that is missing from mainstream television. I want to show characters that reflect my world, I want to see characters I relate to and I’m bored of having to watch American shows to find them.”

“I wanted to portray strong friendships between women because I believe that many people who watch have an element of these characters in their circles.”

HouseMates will have four situational episodes as well as bonus minisodes which will show the exciting mayhem that occurs with these girls in their house. With HouseMates providing an original spin on the modern day female, and the occasional disagreement, be prepared for a rollercoaster of addictive entertainment.

You’ll be able to join in on the big #HouseMates conversation on Twitter, where the cast will be giving you more insight into who they are.


The Cast


Mya, is the melodramtic housemate. Her fellow housemates would describe her as drama queen who is addicted to her phone.

Follow Mya on Twitter @ImMyaHM


Chenayi is the quirky housemate, when she’s not busy being loud, she is totally engrossed with technology.

Follow Chenayi on Twitter @MissChenayiHM
h5Jade is the opinionated housemate, she is the housemate most likely to be honest and tell you that your bum looks big in that outfit.

Follow Jade on Twitter @ItsJadeHM


Zara, is the feisty housemate that will catch you red-handed doing something naughty, and will never let you live it down.

Follow Zara on Twitter @MissZaraHM


Michelle is the scatty housemate of the group, she means well but always get the girls in sticky situations.

Follow Michelle on Twitter @MichMichHM

4 Episodes and 4 Minisodes will be shown, with the first minisode having been shown on Sunday, yesterday. The premier episode will be this Wednesday 18th March 2015. I together with the HouseMates Girls and creator will all be live-tweeting so be sure to join us and be sure to watch this show!



YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/brotherswithnogame

      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HouseMatesGirls

Twitter: https://twitter.com/housematesgirls

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/HouseMatesGirls


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