Chats with Talk Show Creator Vanessa Sanyauke

We recently had the opportunity to interview and get to know more about the brains behind the great show  Girls Talk London whom we featured in our 5 Chaud Must Know Creatives, Vanessa Sanyauke. We sure hope you will be inspired by all that she is doing and also spread the word of her work.
Tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
I am 28 years old, born in Islington, London but my parents moved me to the sticks in Essex which is where I grew up. I always wanted to work in entertainment of some sort and remember when I was 8 years old watching The Oprah show for the first time and thinking ‘That is what I want to do!’. However, having Zimbabwean parents that was not gonna happen and I worked towards a career in medicine instead. I went to Brunel University in 2005 to study Biomedical Science and in my 2nd year realised and had the guts to say to myself ‘This is not what I want to do’. So during my 2nd year of University I started my first business, The Rafiki Network providing mentoring and training programmes for young people which was an award winning business and because of my work I got to meet David Cameron at 10 Downing Street twice! and was given an award by The Mayor of London Boris Johnson at City Hall. In 2013, I changed scope and wanted to focus more on my creative side and Girls Talk London was born!
For anyone who has never watched Girls Talk London, give us a brief synposis of the show?
Girls Talk London is a brand new online panel talk show that provides inspiration and tips from leading experts on Fashion, Beauty, Careers, Business, Health and Well-being alongside some fun girly chat with 4 dynamic co-hosts who represent the ambitious millennial generation. I am joined alongside Remel London, TV Presenter on What’s up, Sky 1, Dean Quinton Smith, Presenter and Cast Member of Bear Grylls, Channel 4 and Yazmin Joy Vigus, Writer, Blogger & Founder of
What inspired you to create Girls Talk London and who is your target audience?
I am a huge fan of American Talk Shows such as The Oprah Show, Wendy Williams, The Steve Harvey Show and The Real and have seen most live in person during my holidays in the US. However, I really wanted to fill a gap that I feel is missing in the UK-a diverse talk show that represents the female 18-34 year old demographic who are juggling busy careers/studies and trying to navigate their way to success during the recession. I wanted women in this age range to watch our show and get tips that they can actually implement in their daily lives to make it better and feel like they are having a chat with friends!
Tell us who your ideal guest(s) on the show would be and why?
My ideal guests on the show would be Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, The Real Life Olivia Pope-Judy Smith and Steve Harvey. All of these individuals really inspire me and I think they would be lots of fun too! Beyonce could perform for us! Can you imagine that?!
What advice would you give anyone who wants to be a talk show panellist or looking to create a show?
I would say you need to have a clear audience and demographic and a passion for talking. You need to really think about your casting and who you choose to join you as a panelist/co host. I am so lucky that I got my casting spot on! (in my opinion) Everyone on my show brings something valuable and fresh to the conversation and represents different demographics in our society. To be a panelist you have to be confident in standing your ground with your opinion, listen to others and be nice! Finally, have a great team in place as creating a show is a lot of work and lots of planning is involved!
If you were going to be stuck on a fashion island – what 5 items would you take with you?
1. Sunglasses: Miu Miu or Raybans
2. A jumpsuit probably from Missguided
3. Black Pump Heels (Christian Dior)
4. Mac Herione Lipstick
5. Light blue denim shirt (H & M or ASOS)
 Which talk show host do you get inspiration from if at all?
Two women have really inspired me and they are Oprah Winfrey and Wendy Williams. Oprah inspires me because of the way that she connects with every single guest on her show and the compassion she shows for them and their stories. Also, I admire the way she has developed an empire worth billions from her show. I love Wendy for the way that she keeps it real! She actually engages with the viewer and talks directly to them as if she is in their kitchen having a chat over a cup of tea!
Tell us your most favourite Talk Show, Reality TV show, Web Series, TV show and Podcast.
Favourite Talk Show: The Real
Reality TV Show: Love & Hip Hop New York and The Braxton Family Values
Web Series: Not for the Radio
TV Show: Being Mary Jane and Venus Vs Mars
Podcast: The Breakfast Club on New York Radio Station Power 105.1 FM
If there was one book you could pass on or recommend to your younger self what would it be and why?
Fabulosity: What it is and how to get it by Kimora Lee Simmons. I wish I had read this book when I was younger because I would have had the guts to start my own business way sooner and would have made wiser decisions on my choice of men, fashion and lifestyle! Kimora is a huge inspiration in terms of being a Mogul and I love how she is so confident and built Baby Phat into a global brand.
 If you were in charge of television programming for the day what TV shows would you have on schedule and why?
I would put more documentary/behind the scenes shows where we can have a closer look at inspirational people. I really want to do a documentary where I would spend like 3 weeks with someone like Floyd Mayweather and for people to have a closer look at who he is as a person because he has the most incredible work ethic! I would also put more fashion and makeover style shows and of course Girls Talk London would be on the day time schedule everyday! We need more aspirational content on day time tv and not mind numbing shows which I won’t mention.
Panel & Guest Photos_2
Where do you hope the future takes the show?
I hope we grow our subscribers and viewers on all of our episodes and most importantly grow a real following. I would also love to shoot a second season and hopefully get picked up for TV.
Editor’s Note: I would like to thank Vanessa for taking time out of her busy schedule for this interview and I encourage you all to support this show because it is something that is greatly needed for the young women of today. I am also pleased to inform you that Vanessa will be joining me on a Chaud podcast that will be coming soon and so any questions you might have for her feel free to send them through.

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Youtube: Girls Talk London

Twitter: @GirlsTalkLondon

Twitter: @VanessaSanyauke 

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  1. Brilliant interview! It’s about time more aspirational stuff hit our screen to inspire the next generation x

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