30 After 30 : What Becomes You After 30

ba3 I have a dear friend who is turning 30 this year and we were having a conversation on G-chat and that is how the idea of this post came about. As a resident in land 3 decadeville, I feel I can now say how your mind shifts and what you realise in now having 3 decades of life on this here good earth. tumblr_n3f21vCgXf1qb6v6ro2_400 1. You will look in the mirror and smile. You will love yourself and your flaws. You embrace your beauty. You are now a grown woman..you can do whatever, whenever, whomever, wherever you like tumblr_mnjix5yvsn1r0z3hjo1_500 2.You will own your mistakes and hold yourself accountable to where you go wrong. 1ne 3. You literally stop giving a rat’s a** what anyone around you thinks about you, their opinions do not matter any more and you no longer need validation from anyone and I mean anyone. tumblr_mleylzsKWb1qdlubpo1_400 4. You will say it with your chest. You will own your emotions, how you feel and you will let people know how you feel – that subliminal, passive aggressive behaviour seizes to be a part of your being. d1 5. You will lose friends. You actually cease and desist the whole ‘frenimies’ clique, it is now either your friends are for you or they are not.  You will also appreciate those close to you, you learn the different idiosyncrasies of your close friends and you learn to love them for that. You mightn’t talk to your close ones 24/7 but you fall right back into your friendship when you do. 6. Following onto 5, you learn to give your friends their own space in their new families, relationships, life adventures and journeys. You love them but also learn that space does not mean friendship is over. 7. You also learn to be there for your friends when they are going through something, you learn to stand up and be present when needed. ba7 fall 8. You will make some 25 years and below mistakes but the difference is now you actually just own it, you will judge yourself before anyone else will and you will keep it moving. tumblr_mmfitqbgO91qeak1oo1_250 9. You will be much more hard on yourself with regards to the goals you did not achieve, but will equally ensure that you now pursue them. 10. You will learn that just because you are friends with people it does not equal them supporting you and you will be fine with it. On that note, you will also know that being friends is not the sole foundation to going into business with some-one. 11. You will not be scared to dine alone, take yourself out and spoil yourself. You will enjoy going discovering new places and holidays by yourself as much as you do with company. cynthia-bye 12. You are not scared to voice what you expect from a partner , you know what you bring to the table and therefore either they roll with you or the hitch another ride. rhoa-605-phaedra-coins 13. You start buying more investment key pieces – Primark is fine for basics but you also learn that good quality staples last you longer. This is not just fashion biased, you will start owning Le Creuset in your kitchen and spend more time in the Home section of Selfridges, Zara and department stores.

14. You take advice with a grain of salt. k1 15. You will not voice your opinion at every given opportunity. There are times you will know some-one is actually not seeking your advice or validation. Should confratation or arguments come to you, you say your piece and keep it moving. 11 16. Your parents become so precious and dear to you and you WILL have nightmares of when they are not here, so you will become a clingy adult child, worrying and fussing over them. i-cant-gif 17.  Hangovers will hurt you real bad and will knock you back for daysss! 18. You will now be more dinner parties and games nights than bar hopping – you now like your drunk antics reserved for a select few. unnamed (1) 19. You will judge some of fashions latest trends . Honestly why are the above jeans £55? Why Sway? 20. If you are not married and have children – your marital status and ovaries will be everyone’s concern. 21. You will catch yourself becoming your mother, in the things you say as well as randomly do. tumblr_m65fzvxHbI1r8q03ao1_400 22. Your home will be your sanctuary – as you will love your bonding time with your home. You will refuse to be disrespected in your own home. 24. You body will start hurting a little bit more after working out. 25. On working out, you will realise your metabolism is not what it used to be, so you will take better care of your body and exercise. 26. ‘What will my legacy be’ – will be one of the constant questions you ask yourself. tumblr_inline_mwkkxxTZhZ1s8athv 27. For the ladies – your sex drive PEAKS! 28. You are probably going to be Godparent to a few kids and will take this role much more seriously. ba2 29. If you don’t want to go out, you will actually say no and not give a reason other than you just do not feel like it. tumblr_inline_mlav9qKbpp1qz4rgp 30. This will be the best decade of your life as you get to know you, embrace you and come to center with yourself! So what do you say?What have you learned on this life journey about you?


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