7 Last Watched YouTube Videos

Working as Editor in Chief for Chaud has meant that I need to stay abreast with Social Media, Pop Culture, Technology and Fashion. There is a social media platform that ‘relaxes’ me and every night before I turn on my night lamp and go to sleep, I scroll through YouTube. I might have been studying EU law for three hours, after working 9am – 6pm, attended lectures from 6pm -9pm, been on my hour commute, gotten home, made some dinner and be extremely exhausted but believe me you, there is nay a shut eyelid without me watching at least 2 YouTube videos on my subscription list.

Here’s what I last watched over the last couple of days.

1.  How To Find A Husband

2.  Ciara – I Bet

3.  Scandal Cast at Paley Fest

4.  My Shameless Cinderella Story – Shameless Maya

5. Jussie Smollet ‘Good Enough’ on Ellen

6.  What Is Beauty – Darling Magazine

7.  Girls Talk London Chat Show


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