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The AmaConfessions Episodes

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The AmaConfessions episode – this was a rather candid episode! It all started right from the intro after the song…yes that’s how candid it was. We shared about making authentic social media connections, pop culture – how we feel about JayZ & Justin’s Suit&Tie, confessions in relationships and more!

The One for the 90sThe One for the 90s – music on this episode was ALL about the 90s – nostalgia galore! Find out what we think about Catfish – the MTV show.

The Scandalous One Episode

The Scandalous One – this was all about social media scandals and how to handle them, pop culture scandals and then we dissected the relationships on our favourite show ‘Scandal’!! If you have not caught up to the latest episode of Scandal – this is laced with spoilers so best to avoid!

The Podcasts have been fun – a chance to share our thoughts, views, lessons and snippets of our lives with you all..we are looking to make them bigger and more interactive too so be on the look out for bigger better things from us!! Thank you once more for your continued support – Chaud Podcasts are on every Sunday at 1.00pm GMT.


One thought on “The Chaud PodCast: Listen In

  1. Hello!I love your everday looks and you awayls look gorgeous. I was just wondering if, being in ‘show business’, obviously there is a certain amount of pressure on the way you look. How much pressure do you feel from producers, agents and the general public to look good? aka maintain your weight, spend money on hair etc.Also, what’s your favourite place to eat (lunch/brunch) in London, i’ll be there for lunch in the next week and want to sit somewhere nice to eat!Thankyou and keep creating GORGEOUS outfits! Sarah x

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