Our Favourite Youtube Vloggers

If you did not already know, Chaud loves them some Youtube. We are not shy to say our vice is Youtube. Now besides the web shows, the other thing we love about Youtube are the vloggers – those people who have decided to share their life, teach us how to do the smoky eye or blend in our foundation properly, have jokes for us, how to take care of our hair, cook or bake, and many more. Allow us to share with you some of our favourites! (Our YouTube subscription list is slowly competing with our iTunes playlist – that’s saying something)

1. Goss MakeUp Artist

Wayne is by far our favourite YouTube makeup guru! He knows what he is talking about and well he is a looker too so need I say more? If you’re new to YouTube or makeup or just need to know more -Wayne is the go to guy! And word to you all girls – if you go into a MAC store and need advice on a product – look for the guys, especially the gay guys – they will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about the product and more!

2. BritPopPrincess

You all already know we are Patricia and Mike groupies! Love these two!!

3. BronzeGoddess01

BronzeGoddess is the sister we never had! Love her and she talks about everything!!

4. Pixiwoo

5.  KidFury

In Nene Leakes’ voice ‘Chile I live! I LIVE’ whenever Kid Fury throws shade, like I’d love to throw shade so fluidly like he does.

With each publication we will share 5 favourites. Who are your favourite Youtube ‘gurus’ let us know and we will check them out too!


One thought on “Our Favourite Youtube Vloggers

  1. Now you KNOW I’m already a Patricia and Mike groupie. Don’t get me started on Kid Fury, I wait for his videos like a crack fiend waits for his/hers next hit.

    Say no to drugs though…but say yes to Kid Fury and his isms. I love when KidFury starts with, “Sis…”

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