Blogging Code of Ethics


1. Fact Check: Don’t spread rumors. Double check your facts.

2. Update: If news changes or stories progress update old posts and text with current and relevant information. When you make a mistake or make incorrect statements reverse and update them. Don’t update and erase. Update with a line through or note.

3. Tell it how it is: If there are stories, images and/or videos being posted, mixed-mashed, photoshopped or damaged report those findings in ways that could have a false representation of the event that actually took place.

4. Disclosure: Avoid letting advertisers influence content. If a company is paying for posts that needs to be disclosed.

5. Ego: don’t ever begin to believe that you’re better, smarter or more priveledged than your audience. they will see it as arrogance and you will lose them, quickly. your fans are everything. without them, you’d be nothing.

6. Minimize harm: Don’t call names. Have integrity and credibility

7. Honest and Fair: Don’t plagiarize, link to where you get your ideas

8. Be accountable: Treat others how you wish to be treated, have a mission, admit to mistakes and typos, be wary of doing favors for advertisers so they don’t influence the content.

This post was originally posted on Sarah Austin’s blog. Sarah is a cast member of the reality tv show StartUps:Silicon.Valley and also a known tech blogger.

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