What’s In Your Bag Tag: Chaud Editor’s Bag Exposé

We love giving the Chaud Editor-in-Chief challenges – it keeps her on her toes and we love it! So in 2013 – she has agreed to participate in all sorts of Tags we suggest to her albeit her moans and to kick it off  she did the ‘What’s In Your Bag’ Tag.



The bag itself is a leather DKNY bag. I love the colour of the bag and during these dull and gray winter days this bag brightens me up. I love that no matter what is in the bag, I do not feel the weight at all – it does carry a few bits, just wait and see!


Oh yes, those are all the contents in my bag on an everyday basis – tend to take some things out during the weekends when I’m running errands and carrying a smaller bag but this is ALL the contents on Monday to Friday 9am – 7pm!


image (10)

Back rowLeft to Right 1Infant Baby Jesus Novena (if you did not know I am a Catholic girl most days and this was a present from my kindred soul sister @MsDernali ), 2. Pen , 3. Oyster Card Wallet ( Did you know that the weekly travel card from Zone 1 – 4 is £43!!! – yes I live in Zone 4!! this little wallet actually carries more than my Oyster card – it has receipts from 2011, a Channel Islands travel card ..sigh..I’m sentimental a hoarder like that!), 4. Links of London Sweetie Bracelet – I wear this daily,  and so to not forget it at home whenever I take it off I chuck it back in the bag.

Front row– L-R 1 – Inhaler/ Asthma pump(I need this on me all the time, especially this winter season and well whenever I lose my temper which thankfully hardly ever happens), 2 – Contact Lenses – Without my contact lenses I am as blind as a bat – NO LIE! And as I’m constantly facing a computer screen sometimes they dry up – I think contact lenses are the neediest things ‘Oh look at me I’m dry, ooh I can’t cope, take me out !’, 3. LOVE ring – I carry love with me in my heart and literally in my bag – carry it, exude it and receive it! 4. Pen – courtesy of my second church ‘Hillsong’, 5. Rosary – well I’ve always carried one for as long as I can remember!


image (2)

L-R 1. ES Magazine (Depending on the day really that could be either The Stylist Magazine or Shortlist Magazine which are free magazines they offer us London commuters..well for £43 I’m also expecting a Starbucks latte with these magazines!), 2. Umbrella (Can’t be in London and not have this with you ALL the time)                        3. Glove – yes just one glove!I’m not sure how I lost the other one but I desperately need them as it is freezing right now)


image (7)

L-R 1. Makeup Bag (Contents to be shown below), 2. Tissue – always a must to have these! 3. Ibuprofen – For headaches and pains, 4. Hayfever and Allergy Relief – when it is not summer months I use these not for hayfever but for allergy relief – I now have a recently acquired allergy to cherries – yes sweet sweet cherries..sigh. 5. Asthma pump – the pump decided to photo bomb this image 🙂 6. Carex Hand gel – for when you need to clean your hands on the go.


image (13)

Back Row L-R 1. Tampon 2. MAC Chestnut Lip Liner, 3. Compact hair brush, 4. Gucci Guilty travel size perfume, 5. Sanctuary Spa Hand Lotion, 6. Zara Black Peony perfume (smells like Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb but just does not last long), 7. Nail polish

Front Row L-R 1. Hydrocortisone Cream (for those mild patches of eczema that randomly flare up when reacting to hair spray), 2. MAC studio fix foundation,         3. MAC Mineralised Skin Finish powder, 4. Kabuki brush, 5. MAC Fresh Brew Lipstick – my favourite nude lipstick, 6. Rimmel Coral in Gold lipstick,            7. SLEEK eyeliner, 8. Carmex Lip Balm


image (12)

Here you have Empty Hershey’s Chocolate wrapper, Sets of keys : home and office, Selotape ( really no explanation for this..guess it has been there since Christmas when I was wrapping presents 🙂 ), Lindt Chocolate mini eggs (sooo yummy, as you can tell I need to have chocolate in my bag, I accept gifts 🙂 ), Earrings (always need a extra pair in the bag for when I leave the house rushing which is more often than not!)


image (1)

L-R  1.Ipad Mini – I love my old school casette Poetic Licence cover,2. Stylus Pen (I use this pen to scribble in my iPad notes and also to draw stick people when I’m bored on my commute home),3.Headphones, 4Portable Mobile Charge – well if you own an iPhone you know the battery struggle and sometimes you do not have anywhere to stick the charger in so this portable charger comes in handy

photo (3)

image (4)

And all images were courtesy of my dear iPhone!!

Ain’t I such a sport? I rose up to the challenge and did this tag and actually am excited about the next ones the Chaud team set me up for! As with the ‘Tag’ tradition, it is only fair that I tag a few Chaud individuals –

i) Diasporan Darlings Editor in Chief  and Chaud Podcast contributor @VimfromZim –  Tag completed check it out here 

ii) C1RCA1964 Editor in Chief and Chaud Podcast’s host @MsKkj, – Tag completed check it out here

iii) Unikue-Moda Blogger @MisLenga Tag completed check it out here

iv) Our former cover girl – Daks aka Thirdworldprofashional

v) Fashion Blogger Lolo @loloskloset

vi) Fashion Blogger Angie @HarareMbama

vii) Fashion Blogger Fisayo @MirrorMeMore



6 thoughts on “What’s In Your Bag Tag: Chaud Editor’s Bag Exposé

  1. WOW!!

    Ok I thought I had a lot of contents in my day to day bag and honestly I couldn’t tag the amount of crap in there lol. Love your bag! Also some of those contents I might just add to my own bag, that’s if it can take it 😉

  2. Love your bag!! You do carry a lot of things but no more than any other woman I think considering the makeup items will be in the makeup bag. That gif!!So you!
    Will check all the other tags too and please keep doing them as we get to know more about you guys in a fun way.

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