Start-Ups: Silicon.Valley



‘If Oprah was in technology and she was white, then she’d probably be me. If Oprah were to choose to be reincarnated as a white, privileged, half-Jewish girl from Marin country, California, then she’d probably say that I’m her first-pick candidate.’

Late last night on whilst I hit my internet rounds I saw a show title that caught my immediate attention – if you know me outside of Chaud, then you know the words ‘Start Ups’, ‘Entrepreneurs’, ‘VCs’, ‘seed capital’ ‘Silicon Valley’ are part of my 9am – 8pm life and so seeing that show title got my eyes all wide opened as they would do if I saw ‘MICHEAL KORS’ or better still ‘MICHEAL KORS SALE’ as you might be wondering what show that was – well by Bravo (the makers of my favourite Real Housewives of Atlanta show) Start-Ups – <silicon.valley>I immediately started watching the show – it is fairly new only 5 episodes in – I have so far watched 2 and a half episodes – only because my iPad was being temperamental and after 1.00am on a Sunday nite or rather Monday morning ain’t nobody got time for that!

Who are these people on the show then? left-right Sarah Austin, Kim Taylor,Ben Way, Dwight Crow, Hermione Way,David Murray  (Photo by:  Emily Shur/Bravo)

Yes like all reality shows there comes some drama, ratchetness and all that makes a great package of a great show BUT the good thing about this show is you still get to see some ‘reality’ of what it is like to have a start-up in Silicon Valley, what VCs can be like and what they (VCs) want to hear. This is like watching a mash-up of  The Apprentice, Dragon’s Den and Made in Chelsea all in one great show! Who is the executive producer behind this awesomeness? Well it is none other than Mark’s sister Randi Zuckerberg those Zuckerberg kids ay!

Sarah Austin is the one who called herself the ‘white Oprah’ -__- .

I will encourage entrepreneurs to watch this show – yes it does make it seem a bit too fancy but you’ll hear about the long hours they work – Dwight sometimes spends 18hours coding, the ‘real’ techies want this show to die but I say this show has an audience, the audience that knows what to filter and what to take in. I am watching with a very attentive eye and also a comparative eye too after all I’m part of the Silicon Roundabout crew (London’s bit ain’t as remotely fancy as Silicon Valley).

Geeks are the new rock stars!!

I am already hooked and can not wait to get home and watch this show whilst taking notes so that for the next Chaud podcast (the Christmas show) this is one of the things I’ll have on my agenda! Are you watching it?If so what are you thoughts so far?


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