Happy 2013 & Chaud End of Year Podcast!

It is the Second day of January 2013! We hope you had a great Christmas and also a great transition into 2013! For us, 2012 was when this magazine was created and it has been a great success thus far! In our personal lives – curve balls came our way but we got through them with the support of great friends and family. We are aiming for all things great and positive for 2013 not only for ourselves but for you our readers too!


*click image to listen*

Our Chaud Podcasts are still tres chaud and proving very popular! We did our End of Year Special, a few days ago (last year actually 🙂 ) and this was our most fun to date. We encourage you listen to it, your feedback is always welcome and hey if you do want to join us for a chin-wag then just go on to our contact us page and let us know.

We are currently working on the first issue of 2013 which will be coming to you – it’s going to be a great one!!!



One thought on “Happy 2013 & Chaud End of Year Podcast!

  1. The new site looks fresh and the blog idea sounds like a lot of fun. I look fowrard to seeing / hearing about more of the club activities since I live so far away and usually only get to see the annual show. It will also be fun to see some of the stuff Boon does with his client work but I hear the ones in Texas are kind of scary.I do miss seeing the BIB logo on the webpage.

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