Dear Kelly….A Letter Bey NEEDS to write

Beyonce loves writing letters (as a fellow Virgo I get it, we love letter writing a bit too much 🙂 ), she has written to Michelle and Barack Obama, to JayZ but there’s one that she needs to hop off Instagram (@baddiebey) and write! She needs to write to her friend, sister, former doo woop woop girl, the female Trey Songz, the modern day Patti La Belle : Kelendria Trene Rowland aka Kelly Rowland.

I remember when Destiny’s Child were still Catering to Us – I liked Kelly’s style more than the other two , I loved Michelle’s voice more than the other two and I just thought Bey was King Bey!  I even liked that Kelly and Nelly duet – that showed Kelly had vocal ability or so we thought…when Destiny’s Child went kaput, only Beyonce has shined bright like a diamond. Kelly has become the best go to sexy rnb singer with enough vocal ability to sing hooks – she has done exceptionally well as a featured artiste, her solo projects do not have me saying ‘Go and buy Kelly’s album’, oh no it is just on that Ciara struggle level and I really want Kelly to win but how can she when all she does is hooks or she’s showing off her body in sexualized songs like Trey Songz….Kelly be representing, motivating and icing mediocre – she has a banging body, if my abs were as flat as Kelly’s maybe I too would be prancing about seductively half-naked, representing and motivating mediocre.

Kelly doesn’t even have to be a great vocalist, I mean look at Rihanna, what Kelendria needs to learn from Bey and RihRih is she just needs to do a really catchy badly written song (Single Ladies, Who Runs The World, Diva, Diamonds, Umbrella, We Found Love) and also why won’t she ask Jay to do his hooks?Or Kanye?Isn’t she BFFs with Kim? Ok Big Boi is cool but come on Kelly – you can’t even get Drake?why  is she recycling Lil Tunechi? Are we expecting too much from Kelly? Kelly should not be the struggle Ciara or Cassie ..she can do better! Or maybe Kelly should write a letter to Beyonce begging her for another Destiny’s Child album? If Kelly keeps it up she’ll be on baby Blue’s album singing hooks and all!

Big Boi & Kelly Rowland  “Mama Told Me”:

Kelly Rowland  with Future for the remix to his “Neva End” single

Representing Ludacris

Ice feat Lil Wayne

Sean Paul – How deep is your love

Verse Simmonds – Boo Thang

Summer Dreaming 2012

Motivation – Kelly ft Lil Wayne

Lay it on me feat Big Sean

What do you all think?


2 thoughts on “Dear Kelly….A Letter Bey NEEDS to write

  1. About bruddy time someone suggested Bey write a letter that is ACTUALLY needed.

    Kelly has got the right networks, but she isn’t using them properly…it’s sad to watch.

    One of my best lines in the article, “it is just on that Ciara struggle level”….*dead*

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