The Boyfriend Tag featuring Le Couple!!

The Boyfriend Tag – is like a rites of passage for any Youtube resident, once one mentions they have a significant other in their life then they have to bring that person forward, ask them questions of where they met, first kiss and let the masses into their relationship.   We are not shy to proclaim we love ‘The Couple’ and the work that Black and Sexy TV is doing if you recall we featured them in our first issue as part of our Favourite Webisodes,  and so when they uploaded the Boyfriend tag we were all over their bread like sesame seeds (blame Rick Ross for us putting in that sesame seed line)! You know we promise to always share nuggets that bring us joy: so watch and enjoy the tags.

One of our favourite Youtubers  (we will compile a list of those in our next issue)BritpopPrincess or Patricia has done a Boyfriend tag and then after they got married a Husband tag.



The Jamaican Muslim

Everything Luxy

Desmond Faison and Numa Perrier deserve Oscars – because even judging from the comments it is always hard to believe that they’re acting and they’re not a real couple which equals GREAT ACTING!! Seriously think Oscars and Emmys should now include the ‘Social Media’ category (do correct us if we are wrong and this category already exists).  Do share with us your favourite tags either of those we shared or those you’ve found on Youtube or maybe even your own!


One thought on “The Boyfriend Tag featuring Le Couple!!

  1. The Couple who are really not a couple are actually my top favourite. Some of the others who are actual couples seem staged.Oxymoron might be the word right?Knowing you Chaud folks, this could have been done on purpose.LOL

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