Our Favourite Webisodes

The Couple – is definitely one webseries  I eagerly wait to watch on Mondays, it  is not only entertaining but they act so convincingly that one is tempted to think they are a real couple, their chemistry shows and  it is very relatable. You watch it and laugh and can be sometimes be caught  nodding along in agreement because it has happened to you or is currently happening!

With the success of Awkward Black Girl  (now showing on Pharrell’s Youtube channel) there’s been a boom in many webisodes. Now thanks to running this online publication it is my civil duty to be online looking for shows and keep you our readers entertained – see you don’t have to rush over to YouTube and click the search button, we do it all for you.

Awkward Black Girl 

The Couple

And then there’s two from this little island of ours. Mars vs Venus seems to now be picking up, I’m not a fan of it yet  but I do see potential in the show.

Another UK production ‘Brothers With No Game’ recently premiered and have to say this I’m enjoying and looking forward to seeing more! They have fans in us.

PhotoCredits: Black&SexyTV


5 thoughts on “Our Favourite Webisodes

  1. Thank you for this..didn’t know there was more to Youtube than makeup videos. Thank you very much my Friday evening is sorted.Will come with feedback

  2. After an appalling 30 day free Netflix trial with nothing to watch on there. I just may take a look at these. I’ve heard a lot about Awkward Black Girl, but again I’m one of those people put off by popularity and hype and when it comes to certain things. I’ll give it a go.

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