Editor’s Ramblings: The Inspired Issue!!

”Mama!We got our first celeb tweet yo! Yes Lianne La Havas did it yo!”

Firstly can we say THANK YOU!!! When an idea becomes  reality and the reality exceeds your expectations – that feeling is indescribable in words. After our launch on 28th June 2012 the response we have had has been overwhelming and humbling. The emails, the comments : some funny, some constructive and others eyebrow raising but nonetheless we appreciate it all.  That response is inspiring and keeps us working harder in creating each issue. If you have been a regular visitor you would have noticed that we did keep a treacle of articles coming in to keep you interested and entertained. We do apologise for the slight delay in getting this issue live – honestly life took over, the day job demands have actually been insane late nights and early mornings.Marsha Ambrosius. (Yes we just Drake’d you!).

With pleasantries out of the way, lets get you Inspired! Our cover girl for this issue is Serena Williams. Truly an inspirational athlete, funny and made us shed tears of joy!

Lianne La Havas is now the bestest bestest artist we love because she made us smile because of a tweet! Ah so easily pleased we are.

In this issue we feature Lianne La Havas’ music, we feel she deserves more attention and more appreciation. For example instead of having Emeli Sande on rotation for the Olympics, Lianne could have done a set and we are certain she would have done it better and would not have been dressed like Poison Ivy in that awful green dress and was she wearing crocs? We judge croc wearers – yes we do!

If you’re suffering from the Olympics hangover like us, you would have witnessed some really inspiring moments and also tear jerking moments too. We share with you our favourite Olympic moments, one that we did not include in that piece was South African Oscar Pistoreous – Oscar does not give up and that quality we admire, usually we are prone to giving up easily but Oscar’s determination just reminds us that we should try harder and keep on keeping on.  The above letter written by 10 year old Elijah Potter to the Canadian team who got disqualified is just so adorable – even I want to hug lil Elijah…adorable little man who even says ‘if I remember’ 

Our contributor and great supporter of Chaud @funms – created a mood board and we requested she share her experience with you and she gladly did. Mood Boards are essential  for the creative mind and if you do no know how to create one, check our Newbie’s Guide.

19th August is World Humanitarian Day – please reach out and help another person – it does not have to be financial assistance, even offering your time, a listening ear or just being there for some-one else.

We have been saying how diverse our television viewing is and that we are not only fans of no brain cell needed shows like Love and HipHop Atlanta(Favourite moment so far has to be Benzino and Joseline having a chat on the couch..never has one laughed out so loud to Love and HipHop Atlanta. And some-one please teach Scrappy’s mum how to spell especially if she’s cussing some-one out the best she can do is spell the cuss word correctly..that was also another rewind worthy moment!) – so to prove this we share with you 5 of our favourite tv shows and we’ll have you know that the girls at IFB are also obsessed with Newsroom so much so they even saw the lessons it has for bloggers and we totally agree with the article and the more the reason we are addicts.

From a book review to an album review – well this particular album review was requested by some of you – why our reviews are important to those people we are yet to find out. Channel Orange is the album on the review deck – our view on it was definitely not that of the masses and that’s the joy of doing such reviews – we might not always feel the same way about a book, album or product but we are open to accepting each others different opinions and get discussions going.

We are not going to dissect each article here oh no we want you to indulge in each piece and let us know your thoughts and spread the word too.


We hope you enjoy this issue, once more thank you for you continued support, comments and the love – we are eternally grateful!! 

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Image Credits: Yahoo.com, FashionBombDaily


5 thoughts on “Editor’s Ramblings: The Inspired Issue!!

  1. Well done Chaud! I like this issue – there’s something about it I like – guess its the cover, the articles and that you guys actually email us back.

    Ah I know what else I like, your opening talking about idea becoming reality and ending with Gabby Douglas talking about the same thing.

  2. Ha! I hatechu for putting that Rick Ross picture up there!! I really hatechu…hahahahaha….
    Great issue by the way! And we will keep on supporting you!

  3. Wait did Rick Ross have a Monster Munch face tattooed round his belly button? This picture is just hilarious! I want my morning latte refund as I spilled it all over the place when I scrolled and saw that picture! Hatechu!LOL

      1. Yup this second issue is showing improvements – getting better you guys, keep it up. I’m living for the fashion posts – Burberry made my day!
        PS: Chaud loves them some Rick Ross huh? Both issues man has featured about 3 times – tell us Chaud team which one of you is a Boss groupie..Loool

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