Channel Orange: The Review

To quote one of my old tweets  ‘Channel Orange, 50 Shades of Grey&John Mayer all have one thing in common = OVERHYPED & BORING!!’

We got comments, we got emails – requesting that we review Channel Orange – Frank Ocean’s album which was released on July 10 2012.  I hopped onto the Channel Orange wagon when it came out – as quickly as I’d hopped on, I was off it. After my first listening to the album my conclusion – it was lukewarm.  I sincerely thought I was missing something from the hype my Twitter timeline, the music critics, the hiphop ‘gurus’  were giving this album, had I been listening to something else, maybe I had not been in the ‘right’ mood. Maybe I’d already been off the album because on the 4th ofJuly 2012 a blog written by Mr Ocean was all over the ‘innernets’ where he was being open about his sexuality. The ‘deep’ blog also got great admiration, oh how deep and philosophical many a people were and many a blogger became. I wasn’t phased – his sexuality shouldn’t matter to those who like his music – but hey hiphop is a different genre so I was reminded but I just saw it a PR work and ground work for the impending release of his album which was less than a week away. Taking all this into consideration I actually devoted time to listen to it again, my lukewarm became cold, I still liked one track off the album ‘Forest Gump’ and honestly because of an old inside joke with my brothers and well ‘Run Forrest Run’ has to be one memorable movie line His music is beautifully written as in doing this post I had to also read the lyrics – so I could get why some were relating to him but I honestly give it a 1.59/10. 

But in wanting to be fair to you our readers, I peeped what the streets were saying well the Twitter streets that is and here goes:

@Funms pure art. Bad Religion because everyone has felt that way one time or another. White ft John Mayer- it’s JM, need I say more?

@mskkj Bad Religion, Pilot Jones & Thinking about you. Lyrics speak to me sha. I related :-).

@ClooudyDays Frank Ocean will Get you In your Feelings Reeeeeal Quick ..
@JoJo THANK YOU GOD for Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange album tonight… Shiiiiiiiiit…. Truly soothing my soul one song at a time…
 @JadaTheJoint There was no bad song on Channel Orange. The entire album was basically flawless.
@ThatsSoXander Orange is the color of liberation, to “channel orange” is to channel yourself, be free, be you. (here’s a tweet schooling all you folks out there)
 ‏@DEligant_Pyramids. Pink Matter. Super Rich Kids. Forrest Gump. Those are the ones I listen to the most off of Channel Orange.
@y0usluutChannel Orange is the perfect album to listen to whilst falling asleep
RT@xoxomeggo @punchdamane: channel orange is a great album” GREAT album. emphasize the great
Ted. ‏@HiIariousTed If Adele, The Weeknd, Drake, and Frank Ocean made an album together. Everyone would be in their deepest feelings! ( I recently went to watch Ted and Ted has replaced the love I have for Stewie,I now love that freaking teddy bear!)
So in conclusion I clearly might be in the lower percentile of people who were not wow’d, I will not put it my ‘classics’ list but different strokes for different folks. Have you listened to the album? What is your take on it?
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2 thoughts on “Channel Orange: The Review

  1. Being one of those who requested for this review I don’t know how I feel now. You put Channel Orange in the same category as 50 Shades of Grey which if I recall you called marmite – harsh and then gave it 1.59?what sort of rating is that?Loool!
    Well, you were honest and not about the hype life I guess. In my opinion it is one good hiphop album – game changing no but it’s a good album.

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