Le Chaud Olympians: Our 2012 Olympic Moments

There are many memories from the London Olympics 2012! Chaud team memory- minutes before opening ceremony Chaud’s Editor-in-Chief suffered a bad allergic reaction to cherries, it had her looking like Hitch meets Kris Jenner, so whilst everyone else in London enjoyed the ceremony she was high on antihistamines (she lived but was high for a week)! Enough of our non-sports related memory  – these videos highlight a few of our favourite moments. Unfortunately a video we truly wanted to share was unavailable (the Yohan Blake interview after the 100m race)

1. Ryan Lochte : we love Ryan and we see he has a bit of ratchetness in him with that grill in his defence he is friends with K. Michele!

2. Yohan Blake Interview – we loved his voice – seriously felt like all it needed was a beat and it would be a great song.

3. Chad Le Clos’ dad

4. Gabby Douglas – we shed some genuine tiny tears for Gabby!

5. Serena C-Walking – this had us trying to do the dance too but failed miserably.

These are just a few of our favourite moments. We loved Usain Bolt doing the Mo-Bot, Mo’s wife walking to hug, the USA Woman’s 4x100m relay win, seeing Gary Barlow at the closing ceremony and how Twitter entertained us during it all! Now share with us your 2012 Olympic moments.


Image Credit: Google Images


2 thoughts on “Le Chaud Olympians: Our 2012 Olympic Moments

  1. Serena has that hood quality that I love in my woman – c-walking in front of them. Media blew it out of proportion. Ryan Lochte is also hood – all good kinda hoods though.

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