Editor’s Top 6 Most Played Tunes

It’s a sunny Sunday in Londres and one is in the park typing up this post ‘Thanking you Sky Go’.  I’m always professing my love for music and so decided to share with you my most played songs today (yes I did get crazy stares at some part as I was grooving to these songs)

1. Love You That Much – Mary Mary

Tell me what to say, even if I’m afraid, I will ‘Cause I love You that much It doesn’t matter, whatever, whenever, I will ‘Cause I love You that much
Nowadays, everybody wants to be in control, Tryna be a leader when they’ve never really followed, Got no information and no direction and way too much pride, When it ain’t that hard to just ask the Lord to be your guide

This song I quickly press ‘repeat’ because  the part ‘Tell me what to say even if I’m afraid I will’ resonates so much with me, God is no magician and sometimes I’ll say things and the ‘result’ might not have what I expected but I believe it’s all part of his grand plan for me. From 2011 – 2012 so far has been quite a year for me personally so much so there was a point when my faith faltered but my mama reminded that God never hands you what you can not handle, might not seem so at the time but it always becomes clearer at some point and I now can say ‘God has my back’ and it’s all great!!

2.  Amor – Philippe Monteiro et Vivianne Ndour

 Kuando ki mi odjabù

Um cria conxèba bo melhor

Mestaba nes momento

Mestaba d’um alguem

Pam podè fala ku el

Pam podè fika ku el E ki ‘sta

Philippe Monteiro is the king of zouk music and this is just a duet of greats! Its sung in Creole and Wolof – I understand creole but wolof is just ‘jerejef’ and ‘fo fula’. This song gets me dancing though have to admit dancing to zouk is always better with a male who knows how to lead, the music and dance is sensuous. If you’re not onto ‘zouk’ start with Philippe.

3. Billy Jean Cover – Civil Wars

Introduced ‘Music Fridays’ in the office where we share 5 of each other’s fave songs and a colleague got me on to Civil Wars – loving their music and this is different a great version of Billy Jean. What I love about ‘Music Fridays’ is we get to share our own taste and you’re also introduced to music you might never had come across.

4. Sorry for the Stupid Things – Babyface

Sometimes we wish for the better
When we have it good as it gets
Sometimes the grass isn’t greener
soon as we find out, we forget, Sometimes a man is going to be a man

I honestly didn’t know I had this song on my ipod – finding it had me go in a repeat frenzy – think folks in this park are calling the authorities on me. I love me some Babyface and to me he is rnb personified – think back 90s r&b (the best era for that that genre) and you’ll appreciate all the work Babyface did – he wrote, produced and sang for the great ones.

5.  Lonely Again – Ne-yo

I heart this song – has me dancing so much in my living room and because no-one’s really watching (well unless when the curtains are open)I break out all them dances. Ne-yo is like this generation’s Babyface only that he got some dance moves and I heart his songs for that dance inducing factor – this song it ain’t about the lyrics though I have to say the chorus is addictive.

6. Take it to Head – DJ Khaled feat Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj

Still on that tip of ‘not about the lyrics’ music is this sexual innuendo infested song. I confess Rick Rozay has grown on me A LOT so much so a friend told to take a seat in Wembley after telling her I was now an official Rick Ross fan. See my like for Mr Ross grew naturally, I did not take my investments and put them in the hype (unlike other times), rather I let it all simmer, listened to his music, appreciated his voice, his bars and damn even his ego and now I have shares in the Rozay fan club. Yes I know – I need to not say stuff like this out aloud but fcuk it *mmmmmmmaybach music  Rozy grunt arrrrrrgh*

Any-one else agree with me that put Chris Brown on any song and this lil man takes it to another level?


4 thoughts on “Editor’s Top 6 Most Played Tunes

  1. From Mary Mary to DJ Khaled – talk of an eclectic mix of music. Zouk music is huge in Francophone and Portuguese speaking countries, I’m from Angola and grew up to this music. Thought you tweeted about a Channel Orange review?Where is it, would love to know what you think. Y’all are slacking at Chaud.

  2. I know authors who have suosnmsibis with us wouldn’t mind an answer either. So, our goal is to finish everything up by today.There was a blog post, it might have even been here, discussing the effect rushing (or feeling rushed) had on an agent’s response to queries/sample pages/fulls. The question was whether an agent’s skill and professionalism allowed them to treat a submission with an accurate eye regardless of pressure or haste.Not being an agent, I can only reference my own reactions when I am rushed, so in that vein, on behalf of all the authors whose fulls you still have, take your time and have a merry Christmas. We can wait. 😉

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