Our 5 Fave TV Shows

1. Newsroom

This was recommended by a colleague and it got us at ‘hello’..the first episode was great, it was real.  We had forgotten about the oil spill and watching it on Newsroom brought it all back. Those first 8 minutes were coined one of the ‘great’ moments in an episode, the rant was such a great way to rope the viewer in. Now we know some TV critics were not too kind on the show, but we love it and Will McAvoy is our kind of man, bit arrogant but can back up that cockiness, smart, with a heart and funny too.

Newsroom is shown on HBO and in the UK on Sky Atlantic, and of course you can catch it online

2. Suits

Talking of another arrogant man who can back it up, enter Harvey Specter from Suits. Now we know this is remotely close to what happens in a law firm but Monday mornings in the office are spent talking about the previous Suits episode with a colleague who recently returned to England after a 5year stint as a lawyer at a top New York firm – yes he watches the show and in his words ‘I only watch it because it takes me round my old NY joints’, whatever his reasons true or false, he knows a good tv show or two.  Many quotables from Suits, mostly from Harvey but Mike Ross also delivers. We also are quite mad at the author of this The Guardian article who did not include Harvey Specter in their Twelve top TV Lawyers list – they have the audacity to not include him.

‘Sometimes I like to hang out with people who aren’t that bright, you know, just to see how the other half lives.’ Mike Ross

Suits aires on USA Network and Dave in the UK, other countries check here


Shonda Rhimes can do no wrong  in our eyes when it comes to creating great television – why you might wonder? Grey’s Anatomy. In Scandal she delivers.  The show is centred on Olivia Pope, a political crisis management expert whose character is partially based on former Bush administration press aide Judy Smith who runs her own crisis management firm.  According to Judy’s own website  ‘… best known in media circles for her expertise as a crisis management advisor, Ms. Smith has served as a consultant for a host of high profile, celebrity and entertainment clients over the course of her career including, but not limited to, Monica Lewinsky, Senator Craig from Idaho, actor Wesley Snipes, NFL quarterback Michael Vick, and the family of Chandra Levy.’ Judy herself sounds like an interesting person no wonder Shonda knew to do this show. 

Fans of the show were coined Gladiators after the first episode premiered and yes we are gladiators in a suit (well on Monday – Thursday)!

Scandal aires on ABC or UK viewers can catch online

4.The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory delivers great entertainment (well can’t expect anything but that from Chuck Lorre), not only on Sheldon Cooper’s behalf, but remember Penny- she was on 8 Simple Rules (which I loved and was very sad when John Ritter died because undeniably the show was never the same without him). Leonard and Penny actually dated in real life too for two years!

The Big Bang Aires on CBS and in the UK on Channel 4/E4 other countries check here

5. Modern Family

Modern Family is a great classic comedy.Yes, we have called it a classic.  This show is for everyone and we really don’t work from home any more because we are easily tempted to watch all recorded episodes of the show and we love how Sky1 do a Modern Family Marathon on Sundays. Our favourite characters are Manny, Phil, Alex and Luke oh and Cam too – ok we love everyone on the show though a particular Chaud team member has an aversion to Sofia’s voice.

Modern Family in the US is on ABC, USA Network and 10 Fox Affiliates , UK its on Sky 1


When we heard that this show is not going to be renewed and we literally wept on the inside and put up Horatio posters all over! We love us some Horatio – his classic one liners and we will sorely miss  him!!

Now we ask you our  Chaud readers what are your favourite tv shows?

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