When you get to a certain age as you work on your own dream there’s a need to start building your investment portfolio, this need comes from realising that property investment is not the only means of investment one has to make. I think there was a time where it was only the affluent and or HNW individuals who were seen to be the only ones privy to investing but now there are people of all ages with that extra bit of cash looking to build their portfolios.  So if you had been one of the Dragons would you have invested your money into the iPad idea? Did you buy Facebook shares? Would you ever invest in a startup? Would you be an angel investor like those on Kickstarter? How do you feel about investing as a whole?

The above tumblr gives me life

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One thought on “Investing…

  1. You keep encouraging my stalker behaviour! That Steve Jobs parody is great and no I don’t think I would have invested in the iPad. I did not buy Facebook shares, didn’t understand why they were so high in price. Will invest in a startup?If the idea blew me away. Angel investor – nope..I want money in return not a watch.
    I think more and more people should look into investment and be talking to IFAs.

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