WebWatch: Chaud Videos of the Week

chaud video of the week

1. Hello – Adele


Guess whose back and has us excited? Adele!! It’s cuffing season, short days and long nights season, Yuletide season, Ice skating at the Tate season and most of all it is Adele season. Adele dropped her single ‘Hello’ as well as the visual treatment for it too featuring the guy from The Wire and Bootleg Beverley Hills 90210.

Editor’s Note: I enjoy the song but not in a pining over lost love kind of way but my introspective self sees at me talking to my younger self and also friend that I lost touch with because life happened. I only got into 21 a year or so later because I just was not about the hype (have I ever told you of the time I actually followed the hype and bought Frank Ocean’s album only to wallow in the land of regret and disappointment because if that album were food it would taste like dried bread seasoned with baobab powder). I however am looking forward to Adele’s 25.



2. Hotline Bling – Drake


Drake dropped the visuals for the song where he’s obsessing over an ex who has clearly moved and won’t call him. Drake’s dance moves in this video have led to the creation of one of the best memes of 2015  #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat as well as mash ups – every time this happens we are always in awe of the plethora of talented geniuses who create these memes.

Addendum: Drake and Adele are topping the charts with songs if taken at face value are about folks clearly obsessed with their exes who neither care to call nor pick up the phone and with both songs topping the charts it does highlight how today’s society could very well be people obsessed with their exes too.


3. How Did We Get Here – Brothers With No Game


Brothers With No Game are Chaud’s brothers, we are family. And so when this new show dropped on a Sunday after midnite, it was only right to watch every episode and live tweet it. This is beautifully written, well shot, the acting is great everything about this is seamless. We highly recommend everyone to watch this show and show some love to our Brothers!


4. Icebreaker – Bronze Goddess01

When in need of some food for your soul!


5. Shumba Beta


Vimbai – a friend of Chaud introduced us to these young women. Funny, creative and definitely lots of potential to go far! This video does definitely take us on memory lane from cutting it up on the club dance floors to childhood memories of when URTNA would play Zawalenga just before 3.00pm when afternoon television started aka cartoon time! Highly recommend you subscribe to their channel.





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