Snap It

Snapchat is a photo- and video-messaging app that launched in 2011.  There was a period of when it was known for teen sexting however that has swiftly changed. It now boasts of more than 100 million daily active users, 8,796 photos per second and 4 billion daily video views.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should download that app and get with the programme

Be On Fleek

Snapchat is the fastest growing social media platform. 350 million photos per day are now shared on the service. That’s a little less than seven times the number of pictures that Instagram users post.


We are always worried about leaving digital footprints. There are people who share posts of their significant other on their social media pages (as you should), however when the relationship goes sour they have to go through the trouble of filtering through their thousand of images deleting and erasing these once #RelationshipGoals images – SnapChat is ephemeral. Snapchat deletes the pictures and videos you posted and it’s as if it(or they) never ever happened.

Vlogging is the new IT

Vlogging is reality tv without Mona Scott Young writing your script, it is raw, candid, normal humans like me and you going about their day to day life drawing us in. It is inherently in us as human beings to want to know what the Joneses do at dinner time, and having a chance to peek through is entertaining for us. There are many vloggers on YouTube, but the reason there is plenty more on SnapChat? There is no editing of videos, you’re doing it in real time, you chat


Snitch With No Stitches

You’ve always wondered who actually sees your stuff when you post it on Social Media. You don’t know how many people have taken screenshots of your images – well with SnapChat that worry is gone because SnapChat = A snitch with no stitches. Snapchat will tell you who took a screenshot, or who viewed your picture or video.



SnapChat is fun. You can connect with your favourite artistes, brands, social media personality, friends, etc and ask them questions or feedback on their new collection or products. The Discover option  helps you  find contextualize eyewitness video or photos of well-known events happening in a specific area of a city. There are fun filters for example vomitting rainbows, who does not to be vomitting rainbows? Cutest thing ever right?

Yes it seems like every other day we are adding new apps on our smartphones, but if you’re a social media savvy individual then you know to be in the know you have to be navigating through these different apps to have fun


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