Web Watch: 2014 Webisodes to Watch

Chaud is to web series what Amy Poehler is to Tina Fey, what Drake is to emotions,  Micaela Erlanger is to Lupita Nyong’o – we go together, we go together extremely well, and as is annual tradition we let you know which Webisodes you need to watch during the year and not miss out on quality entertainment on your laptops and/or mobile devices.

1.An African City – Talk of Girlfriends meets Sex And The City meets Love Games shot in Accra, Ghana, Africa! An African City has definitely been entertaining us, it broaches the subject of sexuality of women and it is interesting to note this might not be the first show to do so but there is an openness of the shows’ characters. The fashion stakes on the show are also high with collaborations with Ghanaian designers.

2. FIRST – Robin and Charles have known each other since Middle School, but have their first date in their late 20s. As the day of surprises unfolds, they quickly realize there is more than friendship in their future. Created by Jahmela Biggs, Directed by James Bland. This show brings back that Love Jones, Love and Basketball, The Best Man era of Black Movies, it leaves you with a feel-good factor and reminiscing on memorable first dates!


3. Dear Jesus – This web series is such a great watch. I recently discovered it and was able to watch and catch up with all episodes in one Sunday marathon watch. It is funny but also touches on real life subjects. This season Dear Jesus is in support of Refuge; for women and children against domestic violence.

4. EVERYTHING from the Black & Sexy TV stable –  Black and Sexy TV hold a very special place in our hearts – they gave us our first REAL cover and to us they are family! They have also – no fault of their own – made us snobs on the webisode circuit – because of the quality shows they create and deliver.


Hello Cupid

That Guy : This has become my favourite show from the stable mostly because of Judah and he’s also very interactive on Social Media making it even more enjoyable



5.Brothers With No Game – this several Award-winning UK show also has a special place in our hearts – they are our boys, we are eternal stans and they keep giving us quality entertainment such that they are the winners of the web series space this side of the UK and globally. With Season 2 finale drawing closer, we are already anticipating what is in store for 2014 from these talented, funny brothers. *Editor’s Update – It is with great excitement I share this with you all – as of today 22nd January it has been confirmed that the show will be shown on a new TV channel launching this spring – London Live – Freeview 8; Sky 117; Virgin 159

6. MTV Shuga – Nigeria – The MTV Shuga Series was where most Africans met Lupita Nyong’o, it started off in Kenya and now Season 3 is based in Nigeria. Personally I loved the two seasons set in Kenya more though that does not devalue Shuga Nigeria. These shows are edu-tainment in that they entertain but also educate about HIV/AIDS. 

7. Matchmaking Mondays – these Monday dating nuggets from our current cover feature award winning Matchmaker Caroline Brealey are worth watching and you can even send her in questions!

8. HouseMatesMya, Zara, Jade, Chenayi and Michelle are HouseMates and very good friends. One house. Five girls. Crazy times ahead.  Created by the talented Monique Needham we are very much looking forward to the full show and also another quality show from this side of the pond! Currently tasters of the show are available for your viewing pleasure.


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