5 Fabulous Instagrammers to Follow

Unless you have been under rock you will have heard about Instagram and you will mostly likely have an account of your own. Whether it’s beautiful shots of scenery, fitness motivation or over the top fashionistas; Instagram has it all. Here is a list of 5 Instagramers who have caught our eye:

@africanbarbiestyles – Caroline is one lady with a serious shoe collection that’ll have any shoe addict salivating. Not to mention her always on trend sense of style, this Zim girl is definitely someone to look out for for style inspiration.

@Kimntsimi – Kim Nstimi is a fashion queen with a sense of style that is beyond this world. Living in the fashion capital of the world her instagram is filled with style inspiration as well as everything fabulous about NYC. With a plethora of chic friends and intelligence to boot ( she is a student at NYU) this girl is a socialite with a difference.

@glowmaven – Latham Thomas is the founder of Mama Glow and the author of Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy. . Being a wellness coach, her page is a good source of all things nutrition, health and wellbeing – with a fabulous flair. This is the page for all those looking for a positive and energised new year.

@FollowTheLita – If you are looking for that fitness motivation this new year, well then look no further than than Lita. The unofficial commander of #TeamThickFitChix, her page is full of motivational quotes, healthy food and awe inspiring pictures of her body and her training in the gym. So if you’re looking to be fit and sexy then look this lady up.

@yoga_girl – Rachel Brathen is a Swedish yoga instructor. Based in Aruba Brathen shares complex yoga poses in beautiful settings which are always accompanied with inspirational captions. Sharing wisdom that is well beyond her 24 years, her account definitely spreads a message of happiness and serenity.


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